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Карта boot_campx
Описание отсутствует------General Info--------------------------------------------

Date : May 8, 2000
Title : >> boot_camp eXtreme <<
Filename : boot_campX.bsp
Filesize : 3.5 megs - additional 1 meg for custom skybox
Author : [LMS]tommyd
Author Email : tjd159@psu.edu
Author ICQ : 49471756
Previous Maps : Lantastic2

------Map Desciption-------------------------------------------------
A refreshing view of the greatest map in existance, namely boot_camp.
This has been designed with elite-style gameplay - tau jumping, etc.
I kept the same layout, but injected my own style into the map. I have
added a new building near the bridge that houses another long jump.

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

Deathmatch : yes
Single Player : info_player_start exists
How Many Players: 2-16

Spawn Points : 23

LongJumpMods : 3
health kits : 12
HEV packs : 12

9mmARs : 21
AR grens : 17
Shotguns : 7
Xbows : 3
RPG's : 3
Taus : 2
Egons : 1
Satchels : 5
Tripmines : 3
Hand Grens : 2
Snarks : 1
Hornetguns : ???? =P
Mags : 1


Base : from scratch, inspired by original boot_camp
Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 2.1 / Zoner's HL tools 1.6.2
Time to Complete: 3 months on and off (including 3 weeks playtesting)
Compile Machine : Athlon800, 256MB RAM - Great Thanks CRuCiFeR!
Compile time : About 50 minutes (-extra -chop 96 for hlrad)
Playtest time : hours and hours
Custom Lighting : Yes
Custom Tex's : No

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive. Place the file "boot_campX.bsp" in
your half-life/valve/maps directory. Place all skybox files into your
half-life/valve/gfx/env directory.


Valve and Dario Casali for HL and boot_camp
CRuCiFeR for the compile machine
DarcJedi for the custom skybox
|XPK|Voltron and [LMS]007 for the inspiration and mapping help
[TDK]*SCORPION, [TDK]kray, uBL.NeO, |THB|sstinger for their advice.
Beta Servers: LoSeR, pimpstyle, MADHOUSE, and others
All elites (too many to list) who played BCX and gave me advice/help.
... anyone else i forgot

Now go play it and have fun !


icq or email me


Copyright 2000. You may not use this map as a base to build other levels
without permission.


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