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Карта havoc
Описание отсутствует================================================================
Title : Havoc
Date : 22nd April 2000
Filename : havoc.bsp
Author : Steve Lyne aka "Scary-one"
Email Address : steve.lyne@telia.com
Home Page : http://scary1.remotepoint.com

Description : This map has been in the making, in theory at least, for about half a year - in fact ever since I agreed to
make a map for the clan [H.o.H] back in the early Autumn of 1999. For many reasons the original Havoc never
became more than than a couple of corridors, and the .rmf file of that map just ended up gathering dust on
my hard drive.I started work on this Havoc about a month ago. I have worked fairly hard on it the past couple
of weeks, and I can safely say that the map would never have been in shape it is now if it wasn't for the assistance
and ideas of the [H.o.H] boys themselves. They have flooded me with criticism (constructive) - guiding me forwards
so that the map would be the very best it could be.

Havoc can be described as a multi-level Outcry follow-up. It has many of Outcry's traits, whilst being different
enough to stand on its own 2 feet. It borrows some of the architectural feel from its predecessor, but this was
completely intentional, considering that Outcry is considered by many to be my finest map to date.

I figure that the map is good for 4-12 players. Of course I may be wrong. It seems large at first, but connections
are abundant, and this allows fewer players to enjoy the map too.

Main Features would be:

A laser platform which gives access to the Long Jump module.
A double action fan which bars access to the RPG and the Hornetgun .. nice :)
A watery trap awaiting any Egon loving sucker.

Extra special thanks to these [H.o.H] guys for major help and guidance, I hope you actually like the map after all this :)


Other Levels by myself : Manhunt (manhunt.bsp)
Enraged (enraged.bsp) revised - (enraged2.bsp)
Outcry (outcry.bsp) revised - (outcry!.bsp)
Scary_1 (scary_1.bsp)
Scary_2 (scary_2.bsp) the original :)
RemoteChance (r_chance.bsp)
OP4_Infested (slightly altered from the original)

Additional Credits to : i) My family - Hannele, Nathalie & Emily.
ii) Valve/Sierra
iii) ID Software
iv) The guy(s) who made Worldcraft (I always forget to thank him/them)
v) Sean Cavanaugh for his adapted compile tools. Reach this guy at seancavanaugh@hotmail.com
vi) Vector and the dudes on the RemoteChance server for hosting me and always being so willing
to help me beta test. Special thanks to Vector, Raider, Elkdog and Thump.
vii) Thanks to Jake, Gladdis and Fisich for their words of wisdom too :)


* Play Information *

Single Player : No (one start)
Deathmatch : 4-12+
Difficulty Settings : No

* Construction *

Base : from scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0
Known Bugs : none I'm aware of, but I wouldn't be surprised if the fan stops rotating at some point.

Build Time : Roughly 1 month, of which the past 2 weeks were basically a beta testing tweak-fest fortnight.

Compile machine : PII 333 with 96 megs of SDRAM
HLCSG Time :
HLBSP Time : forgot to check
HLVIS Time : but altogether about 25 minutes -extra
HLRAD Time (extra) :

* Permissions *

You MAY NOT sell this sucker for money!

If a magazine wants it on its CD - that's fine - *BUT* you *MUST*
send me a copy. OK!! Then we are quits :) Email me ... I'm not impossible.

General BBS use - sure, I don't have a problem with that.

You MAY NOT alter or add to this level without my permission.

* Last but not least *

Please, please, please email me if you like this level, or if you would like to employ me.

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