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Описание :

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Карта scary_2
Описание отсутствует================================================================
Title : Scary_2 * "Junior" * - for Half-Life
Date : 31st May 1999
Filename : scary_2.bsp
Author : Steve Lyne aka "Scary-one"
Email Address : steve.lyne@telia.com
Home Page : home9.swipnet.se/~w-91844
Description : I knocked this map up in the hours following the release of Scary_1. Normally after I release
a level I spend a while readjusting myself .. trying hard to think along different lines. This
time I didn't take the time to think .. I just built. I had no plans or ideas, and no hopes for
this level. I was just "getting stuff out of my system". Anyway the end result is quite pleasant,
and I'm as surprised as the next guy :) It took the best part of three days to stick together, and it
demonstrates what I'm capable of getting out of the motor. It has been a struggle to hold on the reins of the
r_speeds though, and I settled on ~600. They go over in a couple of places, but very rarely and
probably never higher than ~650. I've also had to be very careful with the epolys count too. Seeing
as the map is basically an arena - most of the action will take place there, which will result in a lot of
corpses in view. I've tucked a lot of ammo out of sight in order to keep things moving well, even after a few frags.

I've not looked in this, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a tweakable variable
somewhere which limits the number of corpses visable on the client machine. If it exists ... I advise
lowering this value, as well as lowering the number of drawn decals at any one time.

I consider this kind of map a risk, but one worth taking. It is harder to make highly acclaimed small maps than larger
successful ones. Larger maps can be filled with all manner of detail, where as smaller maps need the speed and look a lot barer.
I hope that the map get appreciated for what it is trying to achieve .. and that is to create a decent arena for the
small lan duel tourneys. 1 on 1 home or office matches jump to mind ...

The map rotates around a central area .. and doesn't really lead anwhere else :) There is one rocket launcher
placed out in the watery "cul de sac" cellar area, which is fairly risky to get. Alert opponents will always
know your location because of the tell-tale splashing sounds. There is also a restocking area with a few
goodies placed out. Once again its a risk to hang around in this place because listening to the sounds reveals a lot.

I'll repeat .. it is aimed at 1 on 1. It really is 1 on 1 stuff. It is a very small level. Got it! If you choose to play
it with an 8 player limit, I'm not going to be held responsible for the epoly count after 30 seconds :)

* I am contemplating expanding this level slightly to suit 4 or 5 players, by adding a water section uder the map. I have a vision of
* how the level would play with this extra section, and I'm quite keen to implement it. The main reason the water section is
* absent from Scary_2 "Junior" is because I wanted to keep the level suitable for 1 on 1 play. If I do edit the map and make the planned
* changes I'll be retexturing the level throughout and calling it Scary_2 "Senior" :) It depends a lot opon the response I get as to "junior"
* as to whether or not I go through with it. I advise small lan players, fond of Scary_1, to mail me a word or two ...

Other Levels by moi ... : Manhunt (manhunt.bsp)
Enraged (enraged.bsp) revised - (enraged2.bsp)
Outcry (outcry.bsp) revised - (outcry!.bsp)
Scary_1 (scary_1.bsp)

All are available from Radium or my own homepage at http://home9.swipnet.se/~w-91844

Additional Credits to : i) My family - Kirsi, Nathalie & Emily for being there and supporting me. I'm a lucky guy.
ii) Valve/Sierra
iii) ID Software
iv) Radium ... an extremely good level review site found at www.planethalflife.com/radium
v) Not so much a thankyou as a big HELLO to gerb ... take it easy old buddy!
vi) To all the guys who have helped me test the map, especially EASE who gave some damned fine feedback! Thanks man!


* Play Information *

Single Player : No (one start)
Deathmatch : 2+ (not sure of the limit but I'd assume that more than 4 would be pretty messy)
Difficulty Settings : No

* Construction *

Base : From scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0
Known Bugs : I don't think so

Build Time : 3 days to make plus a day or so of waiting for beta testing response.

Compile machine : PII 333 with 96 megs of SDRAM
QBSP Time : 30 seconds
QVIS Time : 23 seconds
QRAD Time (extra) : 305 seconds

* Permissions *

You MAY NOT sell this sucker for money!

If a magazine wants it on its CD - that's fine - *BUT* you *MUST*
send me a copy. OK!! Then we are quits :) Email me ... I'm not impossible.

General BBS use - sure, I don't have a problem with that.

You MAY NOT alter or add to this level without my permission.

* Last but not least *

Please, please, please email me if you like this level. I need to know that you like what you see.
It boosts my confidence and gives me a big kick up the ass to get the next one done.

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