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[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Карта as_skylancer для cs 1.6

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Ladder Training Mount. of Skylancer - Assasination 110 players ladder training map By Unknown MAN(Kr1zaliddrag0n@yahoo.co.uk) (Neverwinternightsddklkl2000@yahoo.co.uk) Counter-Terrorist: Escort the VIP to the helipad or kill all enemies on the map. Terrorist: Kill the VIP and all Counter-Terrorist. Prevent the VIP from escape. Guard the helipad all the time. V.I.P: Go to the helipad immediately. Other notes: There is just one way to the helipad. The helipad is on the spawn place of the Terrorist (or is on the back of the mountain). There is just two way to the escape zone. One is on the middle\ top of the mountains, or in the side of the mountains. Important:- Terrorist: survive your self and kill all enemies immediately. There are some Terrorist spawn place that might be near Counter-Terrorist. If you spawn at that place, you're gonna has to buy AWP. Kill the VIP quickly. Don't waste your time to kill others. Remember, AWP is one shot one kill to VIP if headshot and, you can just win the round by killing the VIP and you'll got more money. If not, leave your friend to kill them (or just fight with them). Counter-Terrorist: Keep an eye open and kill all enemies in the area. Protect the VIP at all cost. There are no covers for you. As you are in a very dangerous situation, your team might have a supreme low chance to win the Terrorist.

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