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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Карта zm_zod_industry_doom_v2
Описание отсутствует---------------------------------------------
Do You want to get More high Then just visit Our forums zombiesondrugs.com and keep getting more high :D
hello guys I ZoD*|GAIN is Back with a New ZM zm_industry_doom map.


Name of Map is zm_industry_doom
THEME - Map is themed up on a reserch Laboratory of a Private indusrty.
Textures used - most of the Wall textures are taken from the Black Mesa resurch facility and i have created my textures too Like Dark knight Batman (to Impress Abdul nub :p ) , i hate my life , Ronaldo ( just to impress him :p ) then Prince of persia and A blue dragon with titled Zombies On drugs.
Camping Spots - A lot of camping spots are there according to 32 Players.
Special Camping Spot - A kz Spot which is Owable i have Owned it own without Bhop so if you cant Own it stop crying cuz it is a possible Kz.
Secret room - Secret room AHAHAHAH let it be secret :p joking . To Get in Secret room first you have to get at the Top of kz then there is a window get in it and you would be in secret room.
Speciality about the Map
1) Lights are created in such a way that they can be turned off to make Dark everywhere to some definite extent.
2) The button to turn Lights OFF and ON are Hidden Through out the MAP.
3) There are Total three Sector whose Lights Can be Be Turned OFF and ON.
4) Each sector Has Specific Button means there are total three buttons .
5) Enjoy Searching The Buttons :p .
6) When ever Lights are Switched off there Plays a Horrible Alarm.

1) A zm_industry_doom.res added for successful Server Download and prevents Server crashing.
2) Some textures leaks fixed.
3) :o my map leaked a lil but that is also fixed :D

OUR FORUMS = www.zombiesondrugs.com
If you want Some more cool Maps and want to meet Their Hard working OWNERS Just Register to our Forums and and Visit Map Section.

Some Greetings
1) ZoD*| COMMUNITY OWNER = Ronaldo
2) ZoD*| Co-OWNER = Alx
3) ZoD*| Community managers = azn , abdul , dank , joker , hitman.
4) Some Best Friends very valuable and Loving = darkskull , panda , pilz-e , shiooo , sporty , devil , Punisher , pardon , monsternoob , ZoD*|GoD , Survivor , Miky , So shut up Boi , kino , camplo , Duck , dakonya , Gasper , KOF , camplo and all those my ZP server friends.
Thank you ZoD for considering my map skills and supporting me.
Map Owner = ZoD*|GAIN

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