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Карта dod_ambush_b2
Описание отсутствует
---****Day Of Defeat****---
By: Brian C. Dirk
AKA: Lena Horne / Colloquialist
Email: Coloquialist@hotmail.com

The winter after the Battle of the Bulge, allied forces
have encircled the German city of Aachen.
The Allied forces in this area have taken control of the warehouse district.
The Axis forces are making a push to try and retake this area.
This is one of the first German lines of defense after the failed Battle of the Bulge

Axis: Regain the sacred ground of the fatherland that the infidels have stolen.
The blood of your comrades must be avenged.

Allies: Protect the land you worked so hard to take. Don't let your buddies die in vain.

This is a flag capture map. Capture the flags.

Gratuitous stuff follows:
Please send comments, bug reports, flames,
information about my incompetence as a mapper, constructive criticism.
Or just drop me a line and say "Hi" @ Coloquialist@hotmail.com
Check out my clan The Buxom Bombshells ( . Y . ) @ www.buxombombshells.com

Thanks go to ( . Y . ) clanmates Diana Dors, Betty Grable Carmen Miranda
Marlene Dietrich, Vivien Liegh, Joan Crawford, and Bettie Page.
for patience, mapping assistance, criticism, server hosting for play-testing and
other miscellaneous - but important stuff.
Thanks to my mom for being decent enough to concieve me 19 years ago.
Thanks to Napoli's Pizzeria in Henderson, NV for delivering Chicken Fingers
Thanks to whoever runs Mardymouse.co.uk for your few, but helpful, tutorials.

Sounds were downloaded from the 'net I don't know who to credit for them.
But Thanks Anyhow. If you do know who did them, shoot me an e-mail and I will credit you.
Textures are stock from HL, and DOD. Kamikaze originated textures are also present.

This is my first map: so be gentle. ;)

Don't go looking for an easter egg: your flushing your time away.

Map Packaged For DoD 3.1 beta By Houston DoD


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