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Карта invasion
Описание отсутствуетInvasion Map Pack

Title : Invasion
Filename : invasion.bsp through invasion4.bsp
Game : Sven Co-op Half-Life
Author : DeathBog
Email Address : death_bog@hotmail.com
Web Address : not available
special thanks to : Valve - For making an incredible game
SvenCoop-Team - For making a great mod
Gumby- for making gluon gun case
Greg Depta- for making the construction light prefab
iKKe[BAR]- for the old-fashioned mine lights

* Info *

Single Player : no
Cooperative : yes best with 3-10 players
New Sounds : yes
New Graphics : no
New Sky : no


* Construction *

The Map : Invasion
Editor(s) : Worldcraft 3.3
Known Bugs : Sometimes monsters get stuck inside spaceships;
Just shoot inside the ships to kill the monsters and
unblock the teleporters
Compile Time(Approximate):Invasion: 2 hours
Invasion2: 45 minutes
Invasion3: 1 hour
Invasion4: 1 hour
Compile Machine : Cyrix 333 MHz 96 RAM
R_speeds : Map r_speed is relatively good.



unzip invasion.zip to your half-life directory (usually sierra/half-life/)

A remote research facility is suddenly atacked by alien invaders. As the guards of the
facility, you must protect it and its personell for as long as possible.
When the alien onslaught becomes too feirce, a truck will be paradropped into the complex
for your immmediate evac.
The truck has brought you into an abandoned mine shaft infested with aliens. Traverse
the mine and canyon back to civilization.
You find yourself in an infested drainage ditch. Make your way through the sewage systems
in order to return to your military base.
Make our way through the dry riverbed to the military base.

In invasion3, the tentacle guards the sewer pipe. You can either sneak around the tentacle by crawling, or an easier way is letting one person draw thew tentacle by running around behind it while another person jumps in the pipe. IN invasion1, it is a good idea to rescue the scientists by putting them in your spawn room because they can heal you if you use them. Also in invasion1, one person can press a button on the computer to open a secret door in armory 1, leading to the roof. The door only stays open a second though, so one person can hold the door open for the person that pressed the button. All the maps will be more fun if you watch each other's backs because you will die less.

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