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Данный ролик дополнения XCOM 2: War of the Chosen


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Сервис платежей PayPal раскрыл точное время начала и окончания летней распродажи Steam


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К скорому старту продаж Get Even компания Bandai Namco


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В данном ролике показано немного геймплея Code Vein.


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Компания Blizzard опубликовала видео с обзором


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Карта op4_siberia
Описание отсутствует=====================================================================
OP4 Siberia

------General Information--------------------------------------------

Title : OP4 Siberia
Date : 10th July 2001
Filename : op4_siberia.bsp
Author : Leperous
Email Address : leperous@planethalflife.com
Home page : http://www.planethalflife.com/snarkpit

Previous Maps : (for OP4) op4_tau, op4_snipering, op4_shootering, op4bd_reactor and more-
see http://www.planethalflife.com/snarkpit/mymaps for the entire list

Map Notes : This is a conversion of a map that will be released with the first
Immediate Action beta. It's a realistic base built on the edge of
a deep precipice in the Siberian wastelands, and is where nuclear
material is sent to be manufactured into warheads and 'suitcase' bombs.

There are lots of doors, although if you have 2 brain cells you'll quickly
realise that none of them work- they're either open or closed, and can't
change their state, no matter how hard you may try looking for a button. The
map looks more realistic this way- don't waste your time trying to open them!
You don't get angry at non-functioning computers in maps, do you? ;)

Oh, and there aren't any grapple points because:
a) They're a lazy alternative to making ladders/ropes
b) I couldn't be bothered to make them
c) They'd just increase the r_speeds

Immediate Action: http://www.iamod.com

------Map Information------------------------------------------------

New Textures : Yes- ia_siberia included in ZIP, another embedded into BSP.
(Some textures from Rogue Spear by Red Storm Entertainment)
New Models : > snow_tree.mdl included; although this comes with OP4CTF patch some people
don't seem to have bothered upgrading.
> r_nukecase.mdl; a converted version of the nuke_case model included with OP4
(see if you can read what it says!)
New Sky : Yes, from Deathmatch Classic.
New Sounds : None.

Player Starts : 24

Weapons : All except the egon and hornet gun are reachable. Yes, there are penguins.


Base : None, although inspired by 'level 15' from Rogue Spear.
Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 3.3
Compile Machine : AMD K6-3 450mhz 256mb RAM
Compile time : Over 3 hours!

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive into your halflife\gearbox directory.
If you get any weird errors saying you're missing a file:
> TGA images (sky images) go into halflife\gearbox\gfx\env dir
> BSP & TXT & RES files go into halflife\gearbox\maps dir
> WAD file (textures) goes into halflife\gearbox
> MDL files (models) goes into halflife\gearbox\models

------Additional Info------------------------------------------------

Um... I don't give a flying f**k about copyright and all that gubbinz. Not as if
I could sue you if you did copy it and somehow manage to make money out of it!

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