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Карта op4ctf_2bases
Описание отсутствуетsh_2bases (1.3)

by Xylemon



2bases is a simple Black Mesa like map for Scientist Hunt,
Opposing Force, and Team Fortress Classic. It's a small map
fit for 6 players or more and takes place at two pumpstations
in some remote area far out in the desert.


Fun Facts

This map took about four days.

1.0 - Two days
1.1 - One day
1.2 - Four days(OP4CTF issues took up most of the time)
1.3 - Uncounted amount of time

Originally was going to be more inventive with the killing
contraptions, such as crushers.

This map was going to be more like 2Fort, and was inspired
by sciblood. I hated that map but wanted to do something


Author's Notes

This is the final (no really this time) release. This started
off as a little idea for a Scientist Hunt map that I started
to create in late May. Now it's an OP4 and TFC map as well!
So now I've gotten to this point I think I'm pretty happy with
this release. So please enjoy!


Changes 1.0 - 1.1

[ADD]Spectator booth is now playable
[VIS]The map is now more detailed(Cliffs, etc)


Changes 1.1 - 1.2

[ADD]New room, the basement/flag room
[ADD]OP4 and TFC support
[ADD]Dfish secret is now repeatable by demand
[FIX]Can now run out the the spectator booth window properly
[FIX]Pipes not placed correctly, beveled out
[VIS]Another graphical update, mainly the cliffs
and the bases themselves.


Changes 1.2 - 1.3


[ADD]Made the Dopefish secret cooler.
[ADD]Two alternate paths that were needed since gameplay was
[FIX]Made the rock area less ugly.
[FIX]Made some of the bases less ugly (the window borders).


[ADD]Supercool TFC only secret...
[FIX]Made some TFC entities function like they should've,
like turrents and popup text.


[FIX]Some small gameplay tweaks relating to weapon and item

Tools Used:

Fedora 20
Wine 1.7.15
Gimp 2.8
ZHLT 3.4


Hammer 3.5 Beta
Windows 7



Some textures taken/edited from TFC and Half-Life.


Thanks to the following testers and Scientist Killers:

Mister Chairman
Images and Words
Jay Patch


Chuck Bronson
Jignod the Mutt
and anyone else I forgot(Sorry!)



Mod DB: http://www.moddb.com/members/Xylemon

Email: xylem2020@gmail.com

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xylemon

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