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[DS]: Half-Life Server

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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Если вам есть, что скрывать, то WhatsApp может оказаться не лучшим выбором для переписки. Оказывается, принадлежащий Faceboo


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Плагин : EndMapCustom
Версия : 1.7.4
Автор : BIGs

Описание :

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Компания 2K Games поделилась первыми официальными скриншотами


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Представлен трейлер к запуску последнего сюжетного дополнения


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Компания EA подготовила трейлер о кастомизации машин 


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Компания Wargaming запустила серию исторических видео


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Компания Бука выпустила свежий ролик Agents of Mayhem с русскими субтитрами.


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Свежий тизер-трейлер Destiny 2 позволяет кратко взглянуть


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Компания Funcom выпустила ролик свежего обновления 28 для Conan Exiles.


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Компания Dark Horse анонсировала крупный артбук по Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


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Студия Hangar 13 подготовила первый взгляд на последнее дополнение


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Компания EA объявила о новом расширении коллекции


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Второй сезон Minecraft: Story Mode обзавелся полноценным трейлером


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Студия 4A Games три года разрабатывала Metro Exodus


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Компания Kalypso Media выпустила 30-секундный геймплейный трейлер


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Разработчикам Call Of Duty: WW2 на форуме Reddit


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Представлена свежая запись геймплея Sea of Thieves с E3 2017.


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Появилась запись геймплея Spider-Man: Homecoming VR.


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Студия Battlestate Games представила 15 новых скриншотов локации


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Карта ns_eon
Описание отсутствуетns_eon version 11

released (16/09/05)

-New console in Marine Start and new boxes.
-Clipped the door below the vent in Maintenance.
-Minor aesthetic changes in Gunpods.

v10a changelog (10/08/05)

-New vent is now alot easier to maneuvre inside
-Slight change to Coolant Monitoring's geometry (semi alcove type thing :/).
-Gunpods no longer has a wall divide, and the dimensions of the room have been reduced,
(mostly width) and the rt position has been moved to the side.

v10 changelog (27/07/05)

-New node layout with 9 nodes (thanks jazzx!)
-Engine walkway vent now extends to the node room on eastern side.

*Known issues - New vent is a bit awkward to maneuvre inside.

v9 changelog (26/05/05)

Note : v9 was compiled without -extra in rad to save time.
Visual quality of the lighting is slightly reduced as a result.

-Extended Core Monitoring closer towards Core, so that the joining corridor is shorter, and so sieging is easier.
-Renamed Coolant Maintenance to Coolant Transfer
-Shifted Coolant Transfer south, to put it closer to core, so that the joining corridor is shorter,
and so that sieging is easier.
-Widened Cooland Transfer.
-Fixed all vis errors.
-Opened up the Repair Bay/Maintenance Corridors area a bit.
-Opened up Sleeping Area considerably (no more dead ends), and made navigation easier (flat ceiling etc).
-Improved Sleeping Area visually slightly.
-Rerouted Life Support vent from Sleeping Area to N-Turn (experimental).
-Sbend reworked visually.
-Vent exit in Sbend changed to exit out of a small room off of Sbend.
-Added alot more infestation in the hives, I'm not sure if I'm happy with the infestation textures,
so they are subject to change. (update) changed them :)
-Added crate at East exit of Marine Start, and moved MS RT slightly east.
-Fixed all the sinking structures problems associated with metal grates (apart from the ones in The Hub,
as the structures are easily accessible anyway).
-Fixed the bug where you could build structures on the antenae (spikes) outside the Communications window.
-Removed the water in Engineering Hall hive, and raised the broken floor so that you can step up it easily.
-Added a shielded area on the central structure in Core hive, and also lowered the hive.
-Widened the North and South corridor coming off of Core Monitoring.
-Made the 'donut' east of Gunpods more spacious (the central structure is considerably smaller now).
-Fixed r_speed issue in Coolant, with some geometry changes (both sides look too similar now, so i'll
add a feature to distinguish them in the next version.
-Deleted the Core Power -> Core Monitoring vent.
-Made the corridor entering Living Area from Life Support less convoluted and deleted the door so it is less
-Some minor r_speed optimisations here and there.

v8 changelog (02/04/05)

Note : v8 was compiled without -extra in rad to save time.
Visual quality of the lighting is slightly reduced as a result.

-Opened up Core hive a bit, more space for manuevering.
-Made some visual improvements to living area.
-Significant node layout changes as follows (thanks JazzX):
* Moved Core Monitoring node into Engine Walkway (east).
* Moved Core Cooling node to Cooling Maintenance.
* Moved Engine Walkway node (west) to Maintenance Corridors.
-Gunpods node is now on other side of barrier.
-Made some visual improvements (and a slight layout change) to Maintenance Corridors.
-Made the height difference between Core hive and Core Monitoring slightly smaller, and consolidated the ramps
that enter into the hive into a single ramp for each hallway.
-Changed -gamma in rad to 0.85 (slightly darker now overall).
-Made the MS shorter, and part of Maintenance Corridors shorter as a result (the long stretch to the ms entrance).
-Added a few sounds.
-Attempted to fix stuck issue in Engineering Hive when Redeeming to a certain spawn by making the hive higher
(also made the ceiling higher to leave space on top). Not sure if I was successful.
-Some other minor things that I can't remember ;(.

v7 changelog (22/2/05):

-Made some minor aesthetic improvements.

v6a changelog (20/2/05):

-Removed Maintenance Corridors' node.
-Moved Engine Walkway node to other side (closer to the hive).

v6 changelog (19/2/05):

-Moved Living Area node into Engine Walkway.
-Reduced gaps at sides of corridors connecting to Core hive.
-Removed the ms vent.
-Changed layout on east side of Bridge hive.
-Changed a Bridge vent slightly as a result of Bridge changes.
-Slightly widened turn on N-turn to add more space.
-Removed Repair Bay lift and replaced with ramp/ladder combination.
-Removed Vent leading from Sleeping Area to Repair Bay.
-Slightly shortened the corridors leading out of Marine Start to Repair Bay and N-turn (brought the ms in a bit closer).

v5 changelog (07/2/05):

-Lowered Marine Start roof considerably, and added a cc alcove.
-Small aesthetic changes to N-Turn.
-Centre console in Core Monitoring to reduce line of sight.
-Vents rearranged in Core Monitoring to help aliens and a new vent added.
-Vent in Core Power moved as part of the vent rearrangement.
-New space added to Engineering Hive to increase space for spawn points and add more cover,
and just make it cooler.
-Other minor adjustments to Engineering Hive.
-Removed vent doors from Bridge Hive, while blocking line of sight to hive created by their removal.
-Increased usefulness of bridge vents (one exits from the cieling, the other is higher),
and removed stickiness on one vent exit.
-Decreased Bridge Hive vent weld time from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
-Increased lift speed from 70 to 90.
-Fixed onos stuck issue at Core Monitoring.

v4 changelog (26/1/05):

-Major visual revamp for The Hub. Also, more open and more marine friendly (pits are smaller).
-New weldable vent at Bridge hive.
-Sped up the elevator a bit.
-Uncluttered 2 corridors by moving vent exits.
-New exit point for the vent near sleeping area.
-No longer possible to build in the marine start vent.
-More space above and below Engineering and Bridge hive.
-Some areas uncluttered (less things sticking out of walls in a few places).
-Life support corridor floor and ceiling are now smooth.
-Slightly changed layout in Core Monitoring to reduce line of sight problems.
-Fixed a stuck issue in bridge (you would get stuck on light fixtures).
-Nearly every vent that could not accomodate two skulks side by side now can.
-Included a txt file. :)

JazzX for unfailing support with eon. Zephor, and other playtesters for their input.

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