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Карта canyon для Rewolf

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December 9, 2000 "Canyon" A deathmatch map for Half-Life ********************************************* Designer/Mapper: Davros (a.k.a. Jason Fricke) web site: www.davrosmaps.com email: davroslives@home.com ********************************************* HALFLIFE(r) is a registered trademark ********************************************* Filesize (zipped): 400k Filesize (unzipped): 1007K Files included in this .zip file: canyon.bsp canyonreadme.txt ********************************************* INTRO & INFO ------------- This is a fun outdoor map set in a canyon with some great distant views. Follow the path up the cliffs for some jumps and a cave that is perfect for sniping. If you turn the valve wheel on the pump station, a surprise will follow! -Davros ********************************************* Installation & How to run the game ----------------------------------- 1)Extract the files to your half-life/valve/maps directory. 2)Select the game from the multiplayer menu in Half-Life ********************************************* Level information ------------------ Single Player Map : No Deathmatch/Co-op : Yes Number of Players : 2 - 8 New Textures : Yes New Models/Code : No New Sounds : No Tools used : Worldcraft 3.3, Zoners HL Tools 2.4.2, Wally 1.51B, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Compile Machine : P3 667mhz, 256mb SDRAM, Geforce, and stuff Base : From scratch Construction Time : 3 weeks, not counting an interruption from my apartment burning down! Problems : No major problems that I can think of Distribution : Distribute this map ONLY if you include this readme in the zip file! ********************************************* E-mail me with any comments on the level, praise or criticism. Any feedback is much appreciated. ********************************************* Special Thanks --------------- Cliff textures by Evile Dick, available at http://wadfather.game-edit.com (ed_terrain.wad) My friends deserve the greatest thanks for helping with ideas and testing during construction of the map: Thanks Lister, Babykitkat, Juim, Geo Kon, Mikee, Doc Rock

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