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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Карта blastcorpse1 для SC

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========================================================= Title : Blastcorpse (part 1) Filename : blastcorpse1.bsp Game : Half-Life SvenCoop Author : John Cable Email Address : creexul@yahoo.com Web Address : http://clansrgay.clanpages.com Description : Basic walkthrough map ========================================================= * Info * Single Player : Yes Cooperative : Yes New Sounds : no New Graphics : Yes (one new model) New Sky : no ========================================================= * Construction * The Map : Made from scratch Editor(s) : Worldcraft 3.1 Known Bugs : None Build Time : A couple months(!) Build Machine : Celeron 500, 128 MB of RAM, Voodoo 3 Compile Time : About 15 minutes. R_speeds : Kinda laggy outside Author's Notes : Some of the destructable stuff is very strong, I made it that way so that 4 people wailing on it can't just zoom through it instantly. And I know it's laggy outside, but it used to be a lot worse. I cut it down as much as I could, and it's still playable on my computer. ========================================================= Installation: Cut the SvenCoop folder within this zip file directly into the Half-Life game folder. It will not overwrite any SvenCoop files. =========================================================

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