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Карта sc_airbase
Описание отсутствует********************************************************************************************
Map Information
Title : Hill Air Force Base
Author : Hitman (aka Zhukoyev)
Email Address : dvorak117@hotmail.com or zhukoyev@bellsouth.net
Filename : sc_airbase.bsp
Filesize : 2.5 megabytes due to the many WAD files I used and decided to include in the BSP
Date : 7/10/00
Description : You are a security guard at Hill Air Force Base when the Soviet military invades. It is your mission to protect the base using all means necessary.
Other work : marines, marines2, sc_city
Notes : The map sc_city was "inspired" by the completion of this level

Player Information

Single Player : Yes (not recomended, you won't live long)
Deathmatch : No
Cooperative : Yes (highly recomended)
Difficulty Setting : 2
Map Type : Defense-Type (more like an onslaught, comparable to marines.bsp)
New Textures : Many
New Sounds : No
Players : 1-4 Players - more make it much too easier


Base : marines.bsp
Editor Used : Worldcraft 2.1
Build Time : hmap106.bsp was the very original version of this level, started in Oct of 99
Known bugs : None that I know of.
Compile Machine : Pentium II 350, 128 megs RAM
Compile Time : HLVIS 1056 seconds, HLRAD 110.79 seconds, HLBSP 9 seconds, HLCSG 17 seconds


Don't use this level as a base. If you want the RMF or MAP files, ask me first, but I probably won't give them to you. The vehicles in the game are NOT mine, and I don't know who the authors are. However, I did re-texture the APC in the rear area and hollow it out so I could put some MP5's and 9mm ammo in there. I included the textures in the BSP because I didn't want a load of WAD files floating around, which would only make the download even bigger.

Special Thanks

Thanks has to go out to the author of the ED_Terrain.wad file and to Cid's website for its free distribution of textures. And of course, to the Sven Co-op team for making the mod :)


aka Zhukoyev

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