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Карта ancient2
Описание отсутствует================================================================
Title : Ancient2
Author : Alidoe

Email Address : doherty_alison@hotmail.com

Description : A deathmatch level for Half-life. This is my first public release
of a map for half-Life. I created this level using "Ancient" as a
starting point because I liked the fast gameplay but wanted to use
some custom textures to give it a darker, more abandoned, old-world
ambience. Although I made a number of gameplay changes (a sniper
hole overlooking the main chamber, a balcony overlooking the back
stair, some healing stations, swapping some weapons) I tried not to
fiddle too much with the core gameplay. I was after all making this
for the k9ers and I was concerned that by changing it too radically
I might take away from what they enjoyed about the map which would
defeat the purpose.

Additional Credits to : To legion for making a fun map (Ancient) and providing the inspiration
for this one.

To all the people at the Valve ERC for their patient answers to my many
questions. Without their help this map would probably never have happened.

To the K9 clan www.k9kennelclub.com for providing me with many hours
of gaming on their excellent server. One of their members told me
ancient was liked by his clan and a personal favourite of his. I
created this map as a token of my gratitude for the fun they have given

The author of Winbspc. It allowed me to decompile the original and saved me
a great deal of time.


* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Multiplayer : There are 13 player starts. I added a couple of new ones and moved a few of
the original ones to more sheltered locations to minimize the incidence of
people being killed on arrival.
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Some custom textures that were obtained from The Wadfather at

* Construction *

Base : ancient.bsp, decompiled using winbspc.
Editors used : Worldcraft 3.3 and Zoners Half Life Tools
Build time : 2 Evenings. A good deal of the time was spent repairing the errors caused
by winbspc during decompilation.

Known Bugs : The flames don't have a trigger_hurt to cause damage. I did actually fix this
but by the time I gave the fixed version to the K9'ers they had already put it
on their server and people were playing it. Rather than have 2 different
versions of the map floating around, I decided to forget about it.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. Do what you will, but
keep this text file, as well as the textfile from the original author. It would also be
appreciated if you send us copies of your work.

Thank You

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