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Из чего вообще состоит Блэк Меза? Как устроен комплекс? В игре можно видеть как вполне себе современные лаборатории, где крутые м...

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Карта caldera для HL

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Карта caldera
Описание отсутствует
================================================================================================================================== C A L D E R A map by TheSpacePirate ================================================================================================================================== Who would have thought building a base in an active volcano wasn't such a good idea? Anyway, here's my submission for the "bridge the gap" competition. As a wise man once said: "That's not how you make cliffs. These cliffs suck", and I completely agree so I remade them. However I kept the distance between the cliff walls and I tried to stay true to the template and the rules of the competition. I hope this bridge (well, technically, two bridges) are cool enough. Cheers! ================================================================================================================================== 1. MAP Details ================================================================================================================================== Map Name: Caldera Engine: GoldSrc Game: Half-Life Deathmatch Author: TheSpacePirate TWHL User: TheSpacePirate All bsp files are compiled with -wadinclude All the custom textures were made by me This entry also includes the rmf and wads, if you want to take a look ================================================================================================================================== 2. BONUS MAP ================================================================================================================================== Volcanoes are scary? The night is dark and full of terrors? I gotcha fam. Here's a daylight version of the map in a nice, lush jungle instead of a scary, angry volcano. Falling off still kills you though. It's a reskin and not a new map, though a lot of work went into the custom textures to make it look as different as possible from the original. This one comes with a custom sky. (of course skies cannot be wadincluded) Please look at section 3 for files location and installation instructions. ================================================================================================================================== 3. RAR CONTENT ================================================================================================================================== ./caldera.bsp ........................... All you need to play the map ./readme.txt ............................ If you are reading this, you should already know what the readme is for ./bonus_map/ ............................ Bonus map directory, drop its contents in your valve folder and you're good to go /maps/caldera_jungle.bsp .... bsp for the bonus map /gfx/env/jungleXX.tga ....... sky for the bonus map /gfx/env/jungleXX.bmp ....... bmp version of the sky ./ressources/ ........................... rmf and wad files - Note: all maps are wadincluded, those are here if you want to have a look /rmf/caldera.rmf /rmf/caldera_jungle.rmf /wads/caldera.wad /wads/caldera_jungle.wad ================================================================================================================================== 4. THANK YOU ================================================================================================================================== Thanks to anyone who'll try this map, I really enjoyed making it. And most importantly thanks to TWHL for still hosting GoldSrc mapping competitions in 2022. You guys are awesome.

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