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Карта con_snowridge для HL

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Con_SnowRidge Map Name: con_snowridge.bsp Author: DocRock Author email: docrock10@hotmail.com wadincluded: con_master.wad =========================================================== LEVEL DESCRIPTION: A Half-Life death match level based on a map in the upcoming Sven Co-op Mod, Conundrum 3 High up in snowy mountains, a deserted train station looks over a deep cliff. Abandoned train cars sit on frozen tracks. A batallion of soldiers have commandeered the train station and are now loading supplies into the train to move further down the rail. =========================================================== CONSTRUCTION: base map: con3_25 from Conundrum 3 editor used: Worldcraft 3.4 SDK utilities used: Vluzacn's v29 compile tools, paint, wally compile machine: Shuttle R8 Z1700 V2 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @4.20GHz 4.2 Ghz 64 GM Ram 64-bit, x64 based processor Windows 10 Home compile time: 2 minutes =========================================================== INSTALLATION: Unzip con_snowridge Take the 6 anachronism.tga files and place them in valve/gfx/env Take the con_snowridge.bsp, con_snowridge.res, and con_snowridge.tx and place them in valve/maps Take the snowridge folder from the models folder and place it in valve/models Take the snowridge folder from the sound folder and place it in valve/sound Take the snowridge folder from the sprites folder and place it in valve/sprites =========================================================== SPECIAL THANKS: babykitkat My love, my sweetheart, my wife. I love you!! Thanks baby for everything! qUiCkSiLvEr My good friend. Thank you for your unending help and support to make my maps the best possible! JPolito Thanks for making the incredible skybox texture anachronism! Julius Galla Thanks for making the awesome atmosphere-cave-loop.wav Patchen Thanks for making the great locomotive-1-distant-horn.wav freesound.org for free access to sound effects =========================================================== COPYRIGHT STUFF con_snowridge by DocRock Dec 23, 2020

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