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Карта cpufrenzy для HL

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CPU Frenzy V1.2 by: Ryan J. Horvath www.rjflash.com MICHIGAN, USA ! DEC, 4, 2002 ______________________________ Minimum System Requirements: 700Mhz CPU 128Mb RAM 32 MB Video Card ______________________________ Recommended System Requirements: 1.67Mhz CPU + 256Mb DDR RAM + 128 MB ( Nvidia GeForce Ti4200+ ) DDR Video Card ______________________________ Install entire zip contents into: ---half-life | -----Valve The Entire unzipped contents Must be inside the "Valve" folder to work. custom textures & sounds were created for this level, if sound folder & 'cpufrenzy.wad' is not present, the map will not run correctly. Make sure 'cpufrenzy.bsp' is placed in the 'maps' folder inside your 'valve' folder located in your Half-Life Directory. also.. make sure the .wav sounds: cpuFAN1, 2 & 3 are in the 'sounds' folder inside your 'valve' folder located in your Half-Life Directory. It may ask you to overwrite the "mapcycle.txt" file and/or maps folder, say yes and overwrite them all. But, if you already have modified the 'mapcycle.txt' file once before with other maps, do not overwrite the 'mapcycle.txt', But, you must make sure to include "cpufrenzy" in the list in order for the game to recognize the level. Once unzipped in Valve, To play this level... start Half-life, then go to: Multiplayer -> Lan Game -> Create Game -> then select "cpufrenzy". or Multiplayer -> Internet Games -> Create Game -> then select "cpufrenzy". After initializing game, since this is a rather large (2.64Mb) level, Please wait longer for the level to load, may take up to 15 seconds. Depending on the speed & performance of your PC. _______________________________________________________________________ Known Errors / Problems: If for some reason while &/or after the level is done loading... because of it's large size there happens to appear a "scrambled" colored jittery video error in the upper left corner of the screen... just hit Escape key,,,, then 'Resume Game'. it should disappear... if not, try changing video resolutions.. Others........ While playing inside the level... It's possible to get stuck in between capacitors and transformers on a circuit board.. I tried to resolve this problem as much as possible by keeping them far apart.. if it happens, just try & jump & squat & run... if not,, then you'll have to kill yourself or be killed ! _______________________________________________________________________ Other than that.. everything should work fine ! So Have FUN Being the size of a cockroach & Fighting inside a PC case ! _________________________________ Question? Comments? Problems? concerns? contact me at: webmaster@rjflash.com or quake3R@epowerc.net I will be glad to help! http://www.rjflash.com

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