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Карта cross_box для HL

Вы можете найти cервера с картой cross_box
Описание отсутствует
CROSS BOX created by Justin Kennedy a.k.a. Sharp Income jtmk007@aol.com _______________________________________________ (Long winded) Description: 4 Boxes each with 4 levels, in the corners of one big box, with a cross shaped open area in the middle. Each level has two sides facing the rest of the level. One side has a wide opening and a ladder up to the next level. It also has a small platform that extends out and a bridge to the adjacent box. The other side has two windows, one with fencing and one without. Players can shoot through the window with the fencing but not go through the fencing themselves. Along the back wall of each level (except the bottom) is a small hole to drop in on the level below you. In the middle of each level in the roof and floor (except bottom level) is a grate that players can walk over and shoot through (but not fall through). In the center of the map is a platform with the RPG and 4 RPG rounds. A player must jump from the second story or higher to reach this platform. Three levels above this platform is a grated platform suspended from the top corners of each of the four main boxes by large chains. This platform holds the crossbow and 4 crossbow clips. Players can shoot through and walk over the grating on this platform but cannot fall through. Players can also walk along the chains for easy access to the roofs of the 4 main boxes. The ground dips under below the RPG platform where players can pick up shotguns and assault rifles. Inbetween the 4 main boxes along the perimeter of the map are 4 large doors that open with a button on either side. Inside are small rooms with 3 health packs and 3 suit batteries. Player spawns are located, one in each of the 4 small perimeter rooms, and 4 per level (except the roof) of each of the 4 main boxes, with these spawns in the corners facing the middle of the level of the box they are in. Total of 68 player spawns. Aim high to gain access to the "hidden area" Bots easily navigate this level without needing to add a waypoints file (though one would help, I'm sure). _______________________________________________ Weapons: 9mm Assault Rifle Shotgun RPG Crossbow _______________________________________________ For proper sounds, add the following line at the end of gearbox/sound/materials.txt: M GENERIC015V3 _______________________________________________ (if materials.txt does not exist, you can extact it from steamApps/opposing force.gfc using GFCscape) (This map is also compatible with Half-Life 1.)

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