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Карта damworks
Описание отсутствует7/4/99
Title : "Damworks"
Description : DM map for Half Life
Filename : damworks.bsp
Authors : Dave Waters and Mike Chambers
E-mail Address(Dave) : baseman@msn.com or waters@planethalflife.com
E-mail Address(Mike) : mikechambers@meshdesign.com
Homepage(Dave) : http://www.planethalflife.com/3dconstruction
Homepage(Mike) : http://www.meshdesign.com/hl/


* Installation *

Extract the bsp file to your Sierra\Half-Life\valve\maps folder.


* Play Information *

Single Player/Coop :No
Deathmatch :Yes(2-6)
New textures :No
New Models :No
New Sounds :No
New Code :No


* Description *

This map represents a dual author release of a map originally started
by Mike Chambers and finished and fine tuned by Dave Waters. The setting
is a water complex with a dam and features some nice tricks and traps.
Design and connectivity work well together, and playtest results reveal
a fast and action packed level for a great time with up to 6 players.
R_speeds are well within tolerable range making the level playable on
internet servers and perfect for lan games. Weapons that did NOT make it
this time around are: 357, hornetgun, and the egon. Special features
include a cool snarky water trap and a rocket turret.


* Construction *

Base :Scratch
Build time :2 weeks
Compiler :P2-350 / Diamond-TNT

Please forward any comments to us about this map,
and report any bugs to the E-mail addresses above.


* Permissions *

This software is for free distribution only. No authorization for
electronic/digital media sales will be given. Anyone caught ripping
stuff from this map will be vaporized. Half-Life is a registered
trademark of Valve Software.

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