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Карта dm_razorback для HL

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+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ MAP INFO +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Map Name: Razorback. | | Game: Half-Life: Deathmatch. | | Date of release: 4th of March, 2020. | | Spawnpoints: 16. | | Approximate WPoly count: 3750. | | RES File: included. | | Author: Windawz. | | Credits: | Peter Hajba: inspiration; | ribcage, rufee: server for testing (Quakeroach.net DM); | ribcage, Trempler, Overfloater: testing and encouragement; | Valve: many textures and texture sources taken from Counter-Strike; | Raven Software and LucasArts: ambient sounds taken from JKIII: Jedi Academy. | | Resources: | Map made in J.A.C.K.; | Texture WAD, containing: | textures made from scratch; | textures made using source material from the Internet; | Counter-Strike 1.6 texture edits; | Ambient sound files, taken from Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. | | Description: | A HLDM map I've made being heavily inspired by Peter Hajba's Razorback, | a track from Unreal Tournament 99. I wanted to show my idea of how it'd look | like as a 3D environment. The map is a floating island in the middle of nowhere, | with a fortress embedded into it. Lots of spikes, metal, rock and blobs of | arcane energy all over the place! Enjoy! | | Installation: | Either: | Extract the `valve` folder inside the archive into your | `...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life` directory. | Or: | Navigate into the archive's `valve` folder and extract | everything inside into the aforementioned directory. | | Note: the `mapsrc` folder contains the map's source file and the necessary info | in case you want to make your own edits to the map. | The folder isn't necessary to install the map and can be safely ignored. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ BACKSTORY +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Aeons ago this fortress stood still, in a land long forgotten, a land that was to | be ravaged by an oncoming war. The cruel order of knights that took shelter in this | creation of rock and metal was known for two things: their powerful sorcery and | their terrifying severity, even to their own. Few survived the intense trainings | that took place in the walls of the fortress, so only the strongest would remain. | | Time went on, and the war came closer. To take the foe by surprise, | ancient knowledge was put to use and arcane rituals were performed. | Four great obelisks had been constructed with immense arcane power trapped inside. | Apparently immense enough to take the fortress off the ground. | | Little is known about what happened afterwards, but the fortress, along with the | piece of ground that served foundation to it, ended up in a place far far away from | us. The land that surrounded it was no more around, as well as those who used to | inhabit it. The fourth obelisk had also mysteriously disappeared, only leaving a | hanging chain as the sole memory of itself. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Note: this map, the custom textures coming with it and the custom skybox are fully free to use in non-commercial projects with the credit given to their author.

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