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Карта echo
Описание отсутствуетEcho - Made for the Gametribe HLDM mapping competition

Date : 30th April 2002
Title : Echo
Filename : echo.bsp
Author : ReNo [Duncan Blair]
Email Address : reno@valvepit.com
ICQ# : 28651662
Home Page : http://evolution.valvepit.com

Map Description : This is a small, indoors industrial/urban level that i knocked together in a
few days just so that I would have something to enter into the Gametribe DM
mapping competition. I originally planned to use my project Forsaken, but it
was too mammoth an undertaking to get done in time for the deadline, so I
started this new level instead. I drew a lot of inspiration from some UT maps
which will be quite obvious to people who know that game, and also from other
HL maps such as "Lambda Bunker", and Andrew Weldon's "Repair Bay 4".

Strangely, this is a map by me with....acceptable r_speeds! What ever is the
world coming to :) Well truth be told, this is my only indoors level, and so
the lack of rocks has meant I have been able to keep them low! They peak at
850, which is higher than I had aimed for, but its only in a small area and
there is little I could do with the current layout to reduce them.

The underground section of the map holds some powerful weapons and ammo, but
the ammo and items are housed in the upper regions. I intended for this to
add a tactical element to small team games and *fingers crossed* [i had no time to test it out] I've pulled it off.

Other Works by Author : [1] Obsolete
[2] Elixir
[3] Rebellion
[4] CM Arena

Check them and more out at the maps page of my site:

Misc Author Info : This is my fifth map release. I am currently 17 [at 30/04/02] and live
in Scotland in a little town called North Berwick where i skateboard,
map and piss about on computers. Sometime i hope to gain a career in a
level design...nothing wrong with optimism :)


== Play Information ==
Single Player : No [1 start]
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes

== Construction ==
Base : Scratch
Editor(s) used : Valve Hammer 3.4, Wally

== Build Machine ==
AMD Duron 800
256mb Crucial RAM
Elsa Gladiac MX 32mb

========================== Playtesting & Suggestions =============================================

Real Life mates : Frank Trunter

Others : Scary_jeff Gollum
ACE|FRAG Kagemusha
Yak_Fighter Cash Car Star

================================= Thanks... =======================================================
In no particular order...

All the great HL mapping sites that i learnt from
All the great HL level review sites that im sending this too!
Rince, Inx and everyone else running the show at Gametribe (http://www.gametribe.net)
Kage of "The Rig" mod for letting me finish this ;) (http://therig.valvepit.com)
Howling for hosting me and running the excellent ValvePit (http://www.valvepit.com)
Leperous for running (and upgrading!) the amazing Snarkpit (http://www.snarkpit.co.uk)
Snarkpit forum crew for comments and banter.

== Installation Info ==
Unzip echo.bsp and this text file to your half-life\valve\maps directory.
Unzip echo.jrf (optional file) to your half-life\jumbot\wpfiles directory.

==Copyright / Permissions==
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This map may be distributed ONLY on a "not for profit" basis using any medium,
provided this file is included with no changes.

Magazines and other published media may use my level provided they ask for my permission.

This template is available from www.globalassault.com.

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