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Карта elixir
Описание отсутствуетELiXiR
Date : 29th August 2001
Title : Elixir
Filename : elixir.bsp
Author : ReNo [Duncan Blair]
Email Address : reno84@eidosnet.co.uk
ICQ# : 28651662
Home Page : http://www.evolution.gametribe.net

Map Description : HLDM map set in an abandoned factory style setting (i'm highly original!).
Best suited for a player load of 2-8, it could handle more if you
like a hectic game. All the weapons except the hornetgun are in since the
hornetgun sucks! Incase you don't guess, you can climb the pipes and grass
in some areas, just like normal ladders. If for some reason you instantly
fall in love with the map and need more to do with it, then get my graphic
for your desktop wallpaper [it is on the files page below...].


PS. I'd like apologise to people on low spec machines about the r_speeds, but
I guess i decided to put detail ahead of speed this time around :( All i
can suggest is to stay on the ground floor or play another map :/

Other Works by Author : Obsolete - http://pages.eidosnet.co.uk/~reno84/files/obsolete.zip

Misc Author Info : This is my second map release. I am currently 17 [at 29/8/01] and live
in Scotland in a little town called North Berwick where i skateboard,
map and piss about on computers. Sometime i hope to gain a career in a
level design...nothing wrong with optimism :)


== Play Information ==
Single Player : No [1 start]
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes

== Construction ==
Base : Scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 3.3

== Build Machine ==
AMD Duron 800 @ 950MHz
256mb Crucial RAM
Elsa Gladiac MX 32mb

================================ Playtesters ======================================================

I know I was originally going to put everyones' name down, but there was just too many of you, and I
didnt want to forget anybody! Thanks to everyone who played the map online and off, you know who you
are and it helped me more than you think :)

================================= Thanks... =======================================================
In no particular order...

All the great HL mapping sites that i learnt from
All the great HL level review sites that im sending this too!
Broon for staying up till abt 7am while i was trying to get this map done for the GA contest!
Jay-Dee for staying up hours to try and host an unsuccessful playtest [cheers anyway m8]
Cleg for putting my map up on his server to playtest on multiple occasions!
KIA for putting the map on their server
Tolon for abt 8 million suggestions on how to improve the map
Bullit/Chinx for mentioning the map on challenge-hl.com and putting it in the next AG map pack!
#wphl peeps on IRC for keeping me company while mapping and stuff :)
Scary_Jeff for making the great Jumbot waypoint file!
My HL clan Colonial Marines

== Installation Info ==
Unzip elixir.bsp and this text file to your half-life\valve\maps directory.

==Copyright / Permissions==
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This map may be distributed ONLY on a "not for profit" basis using any medium,
provided this file is included with no changes.

Magazines and other published media may use my level provided they ask for my permission and send me a copy
of their product ;)

This template is available from www.globalassault.com.

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