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Карта feud
Описание отсутствуетMap Title : Feud
Release Date : February 11, 2002
Filename : feud.bsp
Author : SuperCrazy
Email Address : nick@nickj.net
ICQ : 2649935
Web Page : http://crazymaps.caseynet.com
Description : I've been mapping for about 18 months now, and Feud is my fifth HLDM
level. I've tried to keep improving with each release, and I don't
think this map breaks that trend. Feud has better architecture than
Subdued, Rorshach's textures are amazing, weapons aren't as sparse as
they were in Subdued, and Feud isn't huge and empty like Subdued was.
At first mapping was a struggle, but now it's my favorite thing to do.
Hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of the level.

Jumbot Waypoint : I've included a JRF file so you can play Feud with Jumbots. It was
made by Scary_Jeff. Check out his site for maps and other JRFs at

Previous Maps : Alpha

Thanks : Valve Software
-Made the best game ever.

The people in #valveerc
-Put up with my insane babbling.

-Made a JRF file so life's easier for HPBs like myself.

-His textures that I used for this map were amazing.

Andrew Weldon, [DRS]Yak_Fighter, Gollum, JUIM, ReNo, Scary_Jeff, Thori
-You guys all gave tons of great suggestions that made the map a lot
Play Information

Single Player : Yes
Deathmatch : Yes - 20 spawn points
Recommended Players : 5-8
Weapons : 1 357, 5 9mmAR, 6 Shotgun, 1 Crossbow, 1 RPG, 1 Egon, 2 Grenade,
2 Satchel, 1 Tripmine, 1 Snark
Ammo : 2 357, 4 9mm, 2 AR Grenades, 7 Shotgun, 2 Crossbow, 3 RPG, 4 Egon
Items : 2 Batteries, 4 Healthkits

Base : An empty grid
Editor : Worldcraft 3.3
Compiler : Zoner's Tools 2.5.3
Bugs : -Half-Life's lifts still suck. The lift can get stuck in the up
position if it is blocked, but if you walk underneath the lift it will
fix itself.
-Sometimes the lasers over the egon don't go all the way to the floor.
I'm not sure what causes this.

New sounds : No
New sky map : No
New textures : Yes - 19

Compile machine : AMD 1.4ghz, 256mb RAM
HLCSG Time : 10 seconds
HLBSP Time : 7 seconds
HLVIS Time : 11 seconds
HLRAD Time (extra) : 9 minutes, 26 seconds

You may distribute this for free as long as the bsp file and this txt file are both included
without changes. You may not sell this map for profit, and you may not alter or add to it
without my permission.
Final notes

Please e-mail me if you like this level or if you review it.

February 11, 2002

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