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Карта intrusion для HL

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Описание отсутствует
========================================================== Title :Intrusion Release Date :12/12/01 Filename :intrusion.zip Filesize(zipped):3,161 kb Author(s) :Dean "Dragonfire" Wickham Webpage :http://www.dragonfire.ipfox.com Email Address :dragonfire138@iprimus.com.au Description :A HLDM map with an old Lodon street style theme. ========================================================== ---Play Information--- Game :Half-Life Level Name :Intrusion Game Mode :Halflife Deathmatch Players :2-8 ---Construction--- Editor Used :World Craft 3.3 Compile Machine :Celeron 566, 256mb ram, 64mb GeForce 2 MX400 video card. Base :An old city area ---Notes--- This map was originally made for counter-strike but I have converted it to go with both counter-strike and HLDM. You can get the CS version on my website. The map comes with custom textures, sky map and a sound. Just extract teh zip to you valve directory and it will install the files to the appropritate directories. E-mail me with any comments on the level, praise or criticism. Any feedback is much appreciated. ---Other Released Maps--- 1.Temor Sangrento (HLDM) 2.Kill Frenzy (HLDM) 3.Intensity (HLDM) 4.Skateboard Madness (CS) 5.Skateboard Madness V2 (CS) 6.Intrusion (CS) ---Special thanks--- I'd like to thank: -all of the review sites that review this map, -gustavo, apocalypso and other kickass mappers for their inspiration. ================================================================ Copyright and Permissions This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet, BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the name intrusion.bsp and is supplied in a zip file called intrusion.zip that also contains this text document and the other files that are required to run this map and no other files. If the level is to be included on a CD-ROM or other profit- making medium, including but not limited to "Public Domain" collections or archives, the publisher / manufacturer must send me a copy of the product. I reserve the right to refuse permission for this level to be distributed via any CD-ROM or other profit-making medium. (c) Copyright 2001 dragonfire =============================================================== This template was constructed by Hornetking. http://www.planethalflife.com/hornetking/ hornetking@planethalflife.com ===============================================================

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