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Карта op4_tkkfaces для HL

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Thrill Kill Kult : Faces (a.k.a. Op4_TKKFaces) An Opposing Force Deathmatch map [TKK]Slayer www.tkkclan.org Slayer@tkkclan.org Why Faces? 2 reasons really. The first is simple when standing near the large water fall, turn and face the 2 tunnels. Look center from top to bottom and you will see many ink blotter type faces there. It wasn't purposely done this way, just happened to be. Second, this is a canyon style map with many canyon wall faces. Not quite as deep as the first reason, but hey its just a game after all. This map is big. Lots of room to run around and to snipe in. The long jump pack is given at start, so no need to hunt for one. Believe me with how big this map is, you are going to need it. Most every weapon is included with the exception of the hornet gun, and most of the weapons can be found in at 2 or 3 locations. r_speeds were kept well under 600 in 98% of the map. Only a few locations went above this amount, but those are typically in sniping locations, not in prime frag areas. ========================================================== 85+ hours of development, and 31 minutes compile time using : Dual Intel Pentium III 1Ghz 768Mb 266Mhz DDR Worldcraft 2.1 Zoner's Half Life Tools v2.53 ========================================================== Quick note to server admin's who run this map, set the sv_maxspeed to 350 to make it more playable for everyone. Easiest way to do this in the mapcycle is as follows. Op4_TKKFaces "\sv_maxspeed\350\"

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