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Карта rapid_1
Описание отсутствует<18/04/99>
Rapid 1

- This is designed to be a small map in every sense. The
recommended number of players is two or three. Absolute
maximum of four if you want a very frenzied game.

- The recommended time limit is 15 minutes, and the recommended
frag limit is 20. Told you it was small :)

- This map is designed for small Lan games, and for people who
want to host an internet game, but don't have a dedicated
server. The map runs fine hosted on, for example a cable
modem as long as you stick to the recommended player limit.

- wpoly speeds are fine, but you may notice epoly speeds rising
as the dead bodies pile up. The epoly speeds are similar
to those in the floodable room on Undertow however, so
shouldn't pose a problem. Also, the map has been tested both
on a Lan and the Internet, and the speed was never a problem.

- Depending on how well this map is received, this will be the
first in a limited series of small maps suitable for quick

- By climbing up the glass tube, you will be able to push a
button which will flood the lower levels of the map.
At the same time though, the room containing this button
can be hit by a blast of steam by pushing one of the two
buttons on the ground floor of the map. This means, if you
see someone climbing the glass tube, you can either try to
reach the top floor before them for an ambush, or quickly
get to one of the steam buttons and fry them.

- The flood button resets after about one and a half minutes,
at which point it can be called again.

- The RPG, Crossbow, snarks, and magnum have been left out
of the level. The RPG made killing too easy, the action
is too fast for the crossbow, snarks just fall to the bottom
of the level, and the magnum was just annoying :)

- The Egon and Hornet gun have been left out since the Egon
was just too powerfull, and I never include Hornets.
File Information

Title: Rapid 1
BSP File: rapid_1.bsp
Author: Mark Hewitt a.k.a [SnD]The_Cheese
Email Address: the_cheese@dial.pipex.com
Web Site: http://www.halflife.net/cheese
Level Size: tiny
Previous Maps: Nightshift, Site B, BattleCamp(almost)

Single Player: No
Deathmatch: Yes
TeamPlay: Not really suited
New Textures: No
New Sounds: No
Base: New level from scratch
Editor Used: Worldcraft 2.0
Machine Used: PII300
Build Time: few days to build, just over 1 week of testing
and tweaking
Compile Time: ~30 minutes
Known Bugs: None known

This map has been tested in Software, Direct 3D, and OpenGL

Thanks to Ben Morris for Worldcraft, and Valve for the

Thanks to the playtesters for their input.

If you play this map(and even enjoy it)I would certainly
appreciate an email. But you're not going to send one
are you? :)

Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 1999 Mark Hewitt All rights reserved.
This level (Rapid 1) may be electronically distributed
only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be
modified in any way. This text file(Rapid_1.txt) must
be included with the level. This level may not be
included in any commercial compilations without the
express permission of the author.

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