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Карта rat_urban для HL

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** INTRODUCTION ** Title : Urban Rampage Date : 10th April 2000 Filename : rat_urban.bsp Filesize : 700k, or thereabouts Author : Milenko Email Address : milenko@talk21.com, milenko@moonshine.co.uk ICQ : 42562263 (auth required) Home Page : http://hammer.prohosting.com/~milsmaps/index.html ABOUT THE MAP: I have made countless maps in the past for Regular Halflife and counter-strike, I decided to make a map for the less well known Run Away Train Mod, and here it is CREDITS TO: 1) Valve/Sierra/id. 2) The Zoner compiling tools 3) The Run Away Train team (http://www.planethalflife.com/rat/) 3) Barking dog, for the nice urban textures i borrowed 4) Ant, for helping tweak the design of the level, and weapon placement, as well as hours of hard graft testing it :) ** PLAY INFORMATION ** SINGLE PLAYER : Just to familiarise yourself. DEATHMATCH SOLO : Hell yea! DEATHMATCH TEAMPLAY : Oh Baby ** INSTRUCTIONS ** First off, go and get the runaway train mod from http://www.planethalflife.com/rat/ then extract the map into Half-Life/rat/maps/ then play! ** CONSTRUCTION ** Base : from scratch Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v2.1 Custom textures : yup, a few Custom sounds : no, maybe if the RAT team will let me on my next map Known Bugs : Just that I've stretched some textures, so decals may be out-of-shape/size. Build Time : 12 hours Compile Time : Around 3 1/2 hours MAP INFO: Rmf size : 700kb ish Solids : no idea Faces : no idea Point Entities : no idea Solid Entities : no idea Successive revisions : 3 ** PERMISSIONS ** DO NOT put this level/map on any sort of commercial product or compilation unless you have permission from me. You MAY distribute this zip file through any other means, provided it is unaltered, and it is free of charge. Do not modify this BSP in any way.

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