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[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Карта stroggfire для HL

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Карта stroggfire
Описание отсутствует
4/12/2024 Stroggfire Re-texture and redux By Dr. Know of OGHL.net/Quakelegacy.com/Saint Denis I have decided to vist this map once again, originally called crossfire_q2 that I put out in 2021 along with some other Half Life DM vanilla maps in Quake 2 textures. Changes I've made to this map are a new skybox from one of the Quake 2 expansions with brighter sun settings, added more into the secret room as I felt there wasn't enough in the original map I had done before, newer logo of my main profile pic, organized all the sounds into a new directory, elevator buttons changed to a different texture. I want to give credit to Dario Casali for the original Crossfire and ID Software. And also, a very special thank you to Hl.LaLeagane.RO HLDM server and it's players giving great feedback on the first version of my original crossfire_q2 map. Enjoy the improved stroggfire and happy fragging :) -Dr. Know

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