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Карта thdm2 для HL

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PC Gamer Presents: 'They Hunger' dm1 and dm2 ================================================================== ******** Bill... this TEXT is NOT COMPLETE YET! and please alter as you see fit *********************** If you want to see more 'PC Gamer presents' Halflife levels, write and let us know! Send e-mail to the PC Gamer Disc Editor.... Jeremy Williams <jeremy@pcgamer.com> ================================================================== 10/12/99 ================================================================== Titles : "THdm1" & "THdm2" Description : Deathmatch levels for Half Life THdm1 Author : Neil Manke web site: http://www.planethalflife.com/manke email: neil@mail.ocis.com THdm2 Author : Dave Waters web site: http://www.planethalflife.com/3dconstruction email: waters@planethalflife.com ================================================================== * Description * "THdm1" This is a small open map good for about 2-6 players. It has one small fort and a set of ruined buildings seperated by a pond with 'diving boards' on each side:] It also contains a very cool and compact Bazooka Turret [built by Dave]. I was trying to capture a similar feel to cyNic's popular 'x-fire' map, which I really liked. -Neil "THdm2" This level is well suited for 1 on 1 matches,with enough room for 3-4 player FFA before becoming over crowded. The layout is arena style, with two small structures and a pond breaking up the map. Rooftop access is possible via a chimney or by gauss jump. Like Neil's map, this is set in the "They Hunger" theme. -Dave ================================================================== * Credits * Special thanks to everyone at Valve for creating Half Life, and to PCGamer.............. ================================================================== * Play Information * Single Player : No Deathmatch : Yes New textures : Yes New Models : No New Sounds : No ================================================================== Install Info Note: create the below folders/directory structures if you don't already have them -extract THdm1.bsp and THdm2.bsp into *halflife/valve/maps/* folder. -extract the six *.bmp files and the six *.tga files into *halflife/valve/gfx/env/* folder

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