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Карта thrasher
Описание отсутствует=====================================================================
Half-Life Map Spec Sheet
------General Information--------------------------------------------

Title :Thrasher
Filename :thrasher.bsp
Author :[DRS]Orpheus
Home page :www.drs.purespace.de
Description :a small tight map
Previous Maps :Deja_Vu

------Credits and Thanks---------------------------------------------
first i'd like to thank everyone in clan [DRS] for all there support in making this map work.
second i'd like to thank jeff meyers and steve lyne for the great ideas in map making (now if i could just impliment them)
third everyone who had a hand in creating half-life the greatest shooter since duke3d!!!
and last but deffinatly not least to my wife who put up with all the fussing i did when all my other maps failed to compile!

------Personal Notation----------------------------------------------
well when you first enter the game the first thing you are gonna say is "damn its tight in here" and you know what you're absolutly right it is,but i like it that way. my favorite map is stalkyard simply because its so tight.
any rookie can sit back 300 yards and take your head off but it takes skill to get a kill ratio in a tight map,personally i don't think anyone who can't even change there name from PLAYER even deserves a kill ratio but everyone has the right to play as they see fit right?so to all the PLAYERS out there "this ones for you"

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

Deathmatch :yes
Single Player :no
Map Description :simple deathmatch map
How Many Players:2-8

------Map Information------------------------------------------------

New Textures :nope
New Sounds :nope


Base :from scratch
Editor(s) used :worldcraft 2.1
Compile Machine :400 k62 w/ 64 megs ram
Compile time :17 minutes start to finish "extra"

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive. Place the map, "Thrasher.bsp" in
your half-life/valve/maps directory. If there are any .wad files in
this zip, place them in the half-life/valve directory.

------Additional Info------------------------------------------------

This template is available at The radium Half-Life Map Center...


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
(hell i'd consider it the greatest kind of compliment if you did)
You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.

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