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Карта towers2008 для HL

Вы можете найти cервера с картой towers2008
Карта towers2008
Описание отсутствует
=============================================================== towers2008: an Opposing Force Map by Cucumbez October 17th 2008 =============================================================== Map Name: towers2008.bsp Filesize: 3.735 kb Author: Cucumbez Author email: cucumbez@hotmail.com Homepage: http://www.op4gunners.com Wad included in map: towers_2008.wad Wad: compiled by Cucumbez ======================================================= LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Single Player: No Co-Op: No Deathmatch: Yes Suggested Players: 5-15 New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes New Models: No No. of Secrets: Lots No. of Teleports: Many No. of Monsters: None Spawnpoints: 8 Map description: Map based on towers2003v2 by funfunoscar. Many thanks Dave for all your maps ;) ======================================================= CONSTRUCTION: base map: towers2003v2 prefabs: None editor used: Hammer 3.4 utilities used: Zoner's Half-Life compile tools, Paintshop Pro 9, Wally, Batch Compiler known bugs: None compile machine: Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHZ compile time: 12 minutes ======================================================= INSTALLATION: 1. Run Winzip and unzip towers2008.zip. 2. Open your towers2008 folder and place the towers2008.bsp, towers2008.res, and towers2008.txt in your gearbox/maps folder. 3. Copy the ambience sound folder into your gearbox/sound folder. 4. Place the towers_2008.wad file in your gearbox folder. ======================================================= OTHER LEVELS BY Cucumbez: death_dome2.bsp kaboom.bsp tron_street.bsp ======================================================= Cucumbez's next map: Uboat

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