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Карта tractorpull для HL

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========================================================== Title : Tractorpull Version : 1.0 Release Date : November 20, 2000 Filename : tractorpull.bsp Filesize(zipped) : 127 KB Author(s) : Old Webpage : http://www.angelfire.com/sk2/oldcreations/ (under construction) Email Address : old__skool@hotmail.com Description : HLDM ========================================================== ---Play Information--- Game : Half - Life Level Name : Tractorpull Game Mode : HLDM Players : 2 - 6 Known Bugs : No game play flaws were found, but one minor lighting flaw was noticed ---Construction--- Editor Used : World Craft 3.33 Compile Machine : Gateway Desktop Computer equiped with a pentium 2 - 400 megahertz, 128 megs of RAM 10 gig hard drive, and a NVIDIA Riva TNT video card Base : The map was actually inspired by death match arena's found on console games such as Turok: rage wars. As far as texturing went, I mainly kept things to quake-like industrial textures. Construction Time : Not very long, considering the size of the map. I estimate around 3-5 hours of total work. ---Notes--- Well, right off, I was gunning for a fast paced death-match level that contained action elements of games like Unreal Tournament or Turok: Rage Wars. The map was also meant for small groups of people. In fact, some of the most enjoyable seniors through out my play testing, were one-on-one brawls with a friend and myself. I made ammo distribution relatively simple through out the map to make game play easier and more light-hearted. Texturing was not a big deal when I was making the map. I just used simple texture layering skills I have known for some time now. Lighting was another simple matter, but I feel it turned out nicely (only one light source was used: light environments AKA the sky). Finally, this is actually my very first released map. I hope it fairs well with the public, and makes gamers happy. ---Special thanks--- Rob6264 - Thanks for the times I needed your help! UP - Thank you for the play test! Hornet King UK - Thanks for taking the time to review my map! ================================================================ Copyright and Permissions This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet, BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the name MAPNAME.bsp and is supplied in a zip file called MAPNAME.zip that also contains this text document and no other files. If the level is to be included on a CD-ROM or other profit- making medium, including but not limited to "Public Domain" collections or archives, the publisher / manufacturer must send me a copy of the product. I reserve the right to refuse permission for this level to be distributed via any CD-ROM or other profit-making medium. (c) Copyright 2000 Jason Schmidle "Old" =============================================================== This template was constructed by Hornetking. http://www.planethalflife.com/hornetking/ hornetking@planethalflife.com ===============================================================

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