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Карта waterwerx для HL

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==================== * Play Information * ==================== Title : WaterWerx Filename : waterwerx.bsp Author : Brian 'DFactor' Pereira Other lvls by author : None Email address : bpereira@uswest.net Home page : none Description : Deathmatch map for Halflife. A large level based on some type of water proccessing plant. This is my first publically released map. Although it is large it should be easy to learn as most areas are unique. All weapons are avaliable and there are a couple of interactive features as well. Due to the size of the map I would recommmend a minimum of 6 players. A lot of effort has been put into keeping the r_speeds down and most of the testing was done in software. This map should run well on most systems. Additional Credits to : The DOE @ http://www.lowlife.com/halflife/ for putting up this map for testing. This was very helpfull and I highly recommend this site to anyone needing to test their map. To Coughcool for running the beta on his server and his input as well as Evichild and Martyr for hours of testing. And to taZer and everyone else who showed up for testing. The Planethalflife editing forum and everybody there. This map wouldn't be here without their knowledge. And no I'm not blaming them! A special thanks to Hellbringer for his timely response to many of my questions. The HL Editing Resource. Great site! And of course, Valve for the game and Brian Morris for the editor. Single Play : No, there is a single player start. Cooperative Play : No Deathmatch Play : Yes 16 starts Difficulty Settings : NA New Textures : No New Sounds : No New Models : No ================ * Construction * ================ Base : From scratch Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0 Compile Machine : PII 400, 320MB, VII SLI, WIN98 Test Machine : PII 400, 320MB, GL @ 1024*768 on Dual VII & software @ 800*600 on TNT(2D) : PII 233, 128MB, GL @ 1024*768 on Dual VII & software @ 640*480 on TNT(2D) Compile time : QCSG 83 seconds QBSP 55 seconds VIS 2803 seconds QRAD 2008 seconds extra, smooth 80, bounce 8 Build time : 7 weeks (including learning curve) ================================================================ ::: ADDITIONAL INFO ::: ================================================================ Installation: Unzip the waterwerx.bsp file to your C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve\maps directory. That is the default directory, yours may vary. Hints! Got stuck getting the RL, there is a way out. See the switch with the light over it? You want that egon on the second shelve that comes complete with ammo and armor. I bet you do! Go upstairs and get that crate. Better keep an eye on it though, while it's a tough crate, it is breakable. And when it's gone that shelve becomes unreachable. You can try the guass but I couldn't do it. Does that long pipe feel too long? Get up on the side of the pipe and away you go! At least one way. All railings can be shot through but the walkways and catwalk gratings can not. =========================== * Copyright / Permissions * =========================== MAY NOT be used as a base to build additional levels. You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS! This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission.

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