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Карта wth для HL

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Name: Waste Treatment Hell (Damnit wasserwerks ended up being used by someone already!) File: wth.bsp Author: [CDI] Bruno Date: 01 May 2002 Email: bbuehler@houston.rr.com Type: DM Size: Large (6 to 12 Players) Previous Maps: rfyl_troix, rfyl, rfyl_oz (the oz compatible rfyl), rfyl_deux, SOIR, LS1, Scourge,Tauxyx I,II,III, V14 (still in beta (rev 2b) though) (will I ever finish and release it?) System Data: Pentium III / 960Mhz, 128 mb ram, 1.4GB swapfile Video - 32MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Compile Data: csg 56.80 seconds bsp 16.39 seconds vis: 1349 portalleafs 4263 numportals BasePortalVis: 1302 portalleafs 3505 numportals BasePortalVis: (22.09 seconds) LeafThread: (122.86 seconds) average leafs visible: 117 g_visdatasize:55042 compressed from 212226 145.30 seconds elapsed [2m 25s] 2125.95 seconds elapsed [35m 25s] Using Zoners Half Life Tools Rev. 2.5.3 _______________________________________________________________ It all started out as a water treatment facility and progressed from there. Secrets: Heck it's safe to put the secrets here, no one ever reads the text file har har har! Just south of the columnator (grinder) there are three barrels #1 shoot the one which is not in the alcove #2 go into the alcove (under the control room) #3 use the rusty barrel which is closer to the passageway #4 do not use the innermost barrel or you will be blown up! #5 use the floor #6 drop down the passage At this point due to the lighting you will notice an obovious hidden door #7 do not use the door or a teleport will be triggered which will send you to the roof of the control room #8 use the floor instead and the door will disapear Note: Toggled walls are used for these functions so get you butt in gear or you may end up trapped in a wall. Voila! its a cornucopia of weaponry! Have fun, -Bruno PS: If you've got an idea for improvement or just want someone to map something for you. Just fire me off an email. All I need is a sketch and some idea of how many players you expect to play on it (for sizing). And the sketch can be in almost any format from autocad to windows metafile. _______________________________________________________________ Copyright / Permissions All rights except those expressly waived are retained. No one may distribute this level unless this file is included with no modifications. This BSP may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems without permission. Permission must be obtained before this BSP may be distributed by any means other than over the Internet and/or BBS systems. _____________________________________________________________ Thanks: A special thanks to my girfriend and fellow player [CDI] Juliette for helping me Beta test and understanding that when I start messing with the map at ten o'clock I will zone out and not realize the time has passed till it's midnight or later. Oh yeah and for waking my dumb ass up after zoning out so that I can go to work.

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