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Карта xyz_ymore для HL

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======================================================= xYz_ymore ======================================================= Map Name: xyz_ymore.bsp Filesize: 1,040kb Author: {xYz} Officer Sparkz [Canada] Author email: xyzteamplay@rogers.com Homepage: coming soon ======================================================= LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Single Player: Yes (testing purposes only) Co-Op: No Deathmatch: Yes Suggested Players: 8 - 32 New Textures: YES (3,278kb) New Sounds: NO New Models: NO Map description: A Half-Life deathmatch map inspired by gasworks. This map features 3 buildings with an open-walkway towering from above. The map is an extension of xYz_ytower. More weapons have been added and an entirely new section has been built with a sniper tower, and many new places to jump and hide. Weapons can be found scattered around the map in optimal places. This map is great for snipers and ground-killers. This map was designed to suit everybodies needs and it gives new players a chance against some of the more expert players. The map also contains 5 hidden goodies. Two of them include pictures of two xYz members. Enjoy! ======================================================= CONSTRUCTION: base map: xyz_ytower prefabs: None editor used: Worldcraft 3.5 Hammer utilities used: Zoner's Half-Life compile tools known bugs: None that are known compile machine: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHZ compile time: 13 minutes ======================================================= INSTALLATION: Place xyz_ymore.bsp in your maps folder: halflife/valve/maps ======================================================= SPECIAL THANKS: To {xYz} Warpath [Germany] for all the support and encouragment you have given me that has enabled me to complete such projects. And thank you for being such a good friend. To all the players that come out and support "{xYz} Teamplay Hgrunt/Recon" every day. And to my beautiful girlfriend Courtney who puts up with me every day :) ======================================================= COPYRIGHT 2005 xyz_ymore.bsp COPYRIGHT September 8th, 2005 by {xYz} Officer Sparkz [Canada] Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels as long as you give me credit in your readme. YOU MUST NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS MAP UNLESS ALL FILES ARE KEPT INTACT. IF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN MET, YOU MAY DISTRIBUTE THIS MAP VIA THE INTERNET OR MULTIMEDIA CD.

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