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World War One mod
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 08:27:36
27 просмотров
  • World War One mod Skin screenshot
  • World War One mod Skin screenshot
  • World War One mod Skin screenshot
  • World War One mod Skin screenshot
  • World War One mod Skin screenshot

IMAGES - "http://s977.photobucket.com/albums/ae258/Nergal_bucket/"

BTW - My ingame name in CoD games is Bolty the Bolt-Action Rifleman, or Bolty the Rifleman.

NOTICE: There are items in this mod that are NOT of my work, the problem is that I do NOT know the people who did the other work, but I thank them very much for making them Please remember that this game uses Id tech 3 Game Engine so the models aren't high quality or the skins

ReadMe World War One Mod

Credits Bolty the bolt-action rifleman - idea, weapon and menus, few skins, sounds, weapon modifications, gfx's, loading screens, Single Player version of the mod, Main menu music and picture, tracers and cursor (NOTE: you may NOT modify this mod in anyway, as I, the maker of this mod, have balanced the weapons perfectly.)

NOTE: If your works are in this Mod PLEASE tell me so that I may include you in the credits

American Weapons M1A1 Carbine - M1897 Trenchgun(pump action) M1 Garand - M1903 Springfield(bolt action) Thompson - M1917 Enfield(bolt action) BAR - .303 Browning Automatic Rifle(fast and slow automatic) Springfield - M1903 Springfield (Scoped) .30 Cal - Lewis Gun(automatic)

British weapons Lee-Enfield - Lee-Enfield SMLE(bolt action) Sten - M1917 Enfield(bolt action) Bren - Pattern 1914 Enfield(bolt action) Scoped Mosin-Nagant - Scoped Lee-Enfield .30 Cal - Lewis Gun(automatic)

Russian weapons - will be British since they ended fighting earlier because of Bolshevik Revolution. Mosin-Nagant - Lee-Enfield SMLE PPSH-41 - M1917 Enfield SVT-40 - Lee-Metford Scoped Mosin-Nagant - Scoped Lee-Enfield DP28 - Lewis Gun

German weapons Kar98k - Gewehr '98(bolt action) Gewehr 43 - Gewehr '88(bolt action) MP40 - MP-18(automatic) MP44 - Mauser C-96(semi and fast automatic) Scoped Kar98k - Gewehr '98 (Scoped) MG34 - MG-08(automatic)

Anti-Tank weaponry Panzerfaust - Scoped Gewehr '98 with Armor-piercing "K" Bullets (bolt action) Panzerschreck - Gewehr '98 with Armor-piercing Reversed bullets (bolt action) Bazooka - Stolen Gewehr '98 with Armor-piercing Reversed bullets (bolt action) (NOTICE: The Scoped Gewehr '98 with Armor-piercing "K" Bullets is stronger than the Reversed Bullet.)

In Memory of all the WWI Veterans including Henry Allingham, who died on July 18th, 2009, it was a Saturday, and Harry Patch who died on July 25th, 2009, it was also a Saturday.


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