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HK416 Black Ops Custom
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 21:15:00
7 просмотров
  • HK416 Black Ops Custom Skin screenshot
  • HK416 Black Ops Custom Skin screenshot
  • HK416 Black Ops Custom Skin screenshot
  • HK416 Black Ops Custom Skin screenshot
  • HK416 Black Ops Custom Skin screenshot

My first CS2D Max release in a while. I had a lot of attachments left over from when I helped with Yorty's Ultimax Mk.5, so I figured I'd make a simple, quick sprite to stick 'em on. This is the result. It came out far better than I expected, so I figured I'd make it a release.

Anyways, this is a complete, scratch-made, custom weapon replacement for the M4A1. The Heckler und Koch GMBH HK416 (as many of you know) is an assault rifle built on the infamous Armalite AR-15 receiver - basically a souped-up M4.

My custom variant is based on the highly customized weapons wielded by Special Forces operators and other elite troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It features a EOTech 553 holographic rifle sight, a vertical grip, polymer rail covers, an AN/PEQ-2 laser designator, a detachable suppressor, and two types of sprayed-on desert camouflage (with battle damage).

Big thanks go out to Yorty for compiling this beast for me with sounds. He also gets the credit for the _d and _k sprites, which I was too lazy to make.

Battle-tested in CS2D Max 1.1.7. Should work in all preceding versions of Max.


daisukekazama: _M sprite, _P sprite. Yorty: _D, _K sprites. Finished _P sprite.

Sounds: xLongWayHome, Zak Belika, CSS Soundmod 1.8.1, Counter-Life, CSS Ultimate sounds. Fire sound 2: Dead-Aim/-:Steve-o:-

daisukekazama: Render. Yorty: Screenshots, compile.


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