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Counter-Strike 2D

Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE-

Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE-
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 21:57:32
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  • Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE- Skin screenshot
  • Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE- Skin screenshot
  • Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE- Skin screenshot
  • Scattergun replacement for XM1014 -UPDATE- Skin screenshot


Latest update log. -Added handle on the M model.

Excuse me for the stupid M model, I make all my skins 3D by deleting the black lines, so I accidentally removed it in a previous build and forgot about it in this current build. As for the gradient silver, it was meant to be that way, I didn't really have a satelite-type of picture of the scattergun, so the picture was in my head. If any can supply me with a screenshot of the upper view of the scattergun, I'll make a V2 which will be removed greatly.

This is a replacement skin for the Xm1014 shotgun, it basicly replaces it with the scattergun from team fortress 2. I thought it matches everything, so I've been messing around with some shaders and the idea popped in my head, since the current shotgun sprites are UGLY right now, this matches perfectly for those who are looking for tf2 for cs2d skins.

Features :

-Menu sprite; -World sprite; -Very close look like the real scattergun; -Outlining; -Backpack sprite; -Blackprint sprite; -All XM1014 possible sprites changed to scattergun.


  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button;
  2. Select a mirror.
  3. Select "Save as" and send it to your desktop;
  4. Once it's finished, open the RAR file;
  5. Extract to your GFX/weapons folder, in my case it's in D:\Counter-Strike 2D\gfx\weapons
  6. If it asks you to overwrite anything, select "Yes" or "Yes to all"

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