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Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 9Weapon
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 15:56:46
11 просмотров
  • Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 9Weapon Skin screenshot
  • Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 9Weapon Skin screenshot
  • Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 9Weapon Skin screenshot
  • Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 9Weapon Skin screenshot

Model: Defcon Textures: Wannabe and Lonewolf Animations: Strykerwolf & Evil_Ice (GO) Ported by: Miesteron, EdisLeado and Henron Compile: Henron Sounds: Vunsunta

Apparently this is from Ghost in the Shell.

The CZN-M22 is the premier weapon of Section 9. It fires the 5.7mm x28mm SS190 cartridge, the same round used in the FN Herstal P90. It is manufactured by ZCZw (Zavodi Crvena Zastava), located in Kragujevac, in the country of Serbia. The CZN-M22 also can be modified, in the field, with a B-kit. With the modifications in this 'B-kit', the '9 Weapon' can accept hypervelocity 'hot' loads without malfunction (although the weapon will overheat under the stresses of sustained fire; see the end of the movie for an example) and can be fitted with a single shot grenade launcher (not seen in the movie, as the Major opts to throw the grenades instead).

CARTRIDGE: 5.7x28mm SS190

OPERATION: Blowback, fires from a closed bolt

TYPE OF FIRE: Selective

RATE OF FIRE: 800rpm Cyclic

SAFETY: Selector/Safety Switch; Internal Drop Safety

SIGHTS: Adjustable, open iron

FEED: 35 round removable box magazine


WEIGHT (EMPTY): 2.6kgs*

WEIGHT (LOADED): 3kgs w/ 35 rounds*



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