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Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims.
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 09:22:47
9 просмотров
  • Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims. Skin screenshot
  • Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims. Skin screenshot
  • Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims. Skin screenshot
  • Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims. Skin screenshot
  • Shortez'z CORTS Boina Verde 12 anims. Skin screenshot

This submission is brought to you by

This skin is completely made by Shortez(Model and textures) as well as the awesome render you can appreciate. It's CZ functional full featured version wouldn't be never possible without the outstanding compile work of Romz, so BIG THANKZ to him for doing this compile. Slimnooze just did some tiny recolour and texturing works.

My respects to all the awesome animators and to the almighty VALVe

Skin features
- 12 Animation sets (errorless) - All animations as Sleeved and Not Sleeved mode - Highpoly knife Player and World models - Shield View model (First Person) - Shield Player and World models - 2 knife texture sets (including 4 diferent grip colors) - 3 Hands Textures - 16 sleeves textures + 6 new and exclusives sleeves textures by Slimnooze - Realistic Soundset

*Updated (after 6 hours) There's no more consistency errors on the p_shield_knife model which was initialy the only CON. about this submission, so EVERYTHING's OK and working fine =) That's thankz to treasure! He really made y'all a favor ^^ Thanks dude! it's splendid.

It seens like this p_shield_knife model is working fine in some clients and it isn't in some others... For me it doesn't work at all so i must type the anoying command "MP_CONSISTENCY 0" everytime i launch my client before to start a new server or game of any tipe (for those unluckies). But let's see how it will be working along! Pliss feedback and report some i will be looking forward to solve this problem.

A HUGE THANKZ to Ángel Corts for his incredible, amazing and outstanding blacksmith work, designing, forging and thus creating this uniques pieces of knife crafts.

"Feedbacking would be lovely"



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