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Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-18 17:12:55
9 просмотров
  • Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe Skin screenshot
  • Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe Skin screenshot
  • Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe Skin screenshot
  • Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe Skin screenshot
  • Deus Ex - WTO SEI Gruppe Skin screenshot

In the wake of the Collapse and the fall of modern civilization, the World Trade Organization has emerged as one the most dominant political institutions. Its reach and influence extends to all the major city-states of North America and the former European Union that have emerged in post-Collapse society. The WTO seeks political and economic stability and the founding of a new global information network, under the WTO's command.

The Special Enforcement and Intervention Gruppe is the WTO's elite military wing. A detachment is based at every city-state protected under the WTO charter. SEIG's mission is to protect WTO Enclave citizens, neutralize organized terrorist movements, suppress anti-WTO sentiments, and always pursue the WTO's best interests.

Because of its advanced technology and weaponry, SEI Gruppe is arguably the most well-equipped and well-organized military unit in post-Collapse society, outside of certain privatized military firms.

  • SSC Advanced International Strategy Handbook

So, a new recolor. I've had this one lying around a bit, decided I should upload it. Deus Ex fans, rejoice. Of course, it looks nothing like the WTO troopers in the actual game, but lacking any modeling skills or programs, I found it difficult to recreate them. So, I made up a phony backstory and voila, the SEI Gruppe. Enjoy.

Consider it a celebration of the announcement of the new DX game. Let's hope it doesn't totally suck.

There are two different models in the rar. One is based on LaCa's GSG9, with the helmet visor down. The other is based on LaCa's GIGN, with the helmet visor up and some snazzy attachments.

There are also more variations of the two - one with a male face, the other a female face. And also helmet color - one black, one colored. Use HLMV to switch between them.

And no, there are no significant differences between the male and the female, just the eyes, really. Somewhere underneath all that bulky equipment and the facemask, let's assume they're anatomically correct.

Before anyone asks, the original skin and model are all by that amazing man (woman?), LaCa. All I did was a crappy Photoshop recolor. If you don't like it, close your eyes and imagine you're playing a better game.

I lost the original file and readme when my HD went down, so I'm not entirely sure about any re-edits and their authors. If you had a part in making this skin, please PM me right away, so I can update the creds.

And KillingInTheName, I'll get right on fixing the NSF skin. I've been pretty busy, but as soon as I can get new screenshots, I'll update that submission with the non-KITN version. :)


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