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Schmung's SIGARMS P226 On GO Anims
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-07-03 15:16:08
7 просмотров
  • Schmung's SIGARMS P226 On GO Anims Skin screenshot
  • Schmung's SIGARMS P226 On GO Anims Skin screenshot


Model: Schumng Skin: s7OK3, prod!gy Animations: Ghost Ops (Strykerwolf), Ritual Entertainment Sounds: Ghost Ops (Vunsunta) Compile: Son_of_Thunder

Schumng writes:

"Oh my, I have to say this is quite possibly my favourite model and bugger me silly if it hasn't gone and gotten itself a top notch skin. Personally, I think S7OK3 has made a pact with the devil or something. Anwyays, the model looks decent enough in HLMV, but there is a weird error that means it appears to have some missing faces (on the TS version at any rate) rest assured that these are not present in-game and that the gun does look much nicer than it does in HLMV. Theres a load of recolours here as well, done by S7OK3 and myself, blued, dark and two tone (dark frame with silver slide). Do enjoy folks. If you're going to covert/hack/recolour/reskin or whatever then I'd like to take a look at the result, if you want the original .3ds files or somesuch then I can probably supply those as well. Finally, I must say sorry to Cyper, who was skinning this (it was looking great as well) I know I said I'd wait 'till it was finished, but I just had to go ahead and release this."


"Clearly this model is mine, the skins of course belong to their respective authors and as do the anims. Distribute this as you see fit, but never charge for it. If you hack, modify or convert it I would like to know about it. Shoddy compiles and coverts can ruin and otherwise lovely model and if this happens here I shall be most displeased. Gamefusion, should you ever have the outright cheek to use this model in one of your packs, I will rip off you limbs, kick you in the nuts and then sue you. I hope that makes it absolutely clear that you should not be using this model in any capacity."

UPDATE (JAN 18, 2005): Peewees and shield models have been added.


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