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Duffle Bags
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 06:40:08
13 просмотров
  • Duffle Bags Skin screenshot
  • Duffle Bags Skin screenshot
  • Duffle Bags Skin screenshot
  • Duffle Bags Skin screenshot
  • Duffle Bags Skin screenshot

Tired of carrying those fat hostages? Want to carry some jiggleboned duffle bags with neon orange reflectors on it instead? Sure, why not!

NOTE: You will NOT be able to play on servers that have sv_pure on.

NOTE #2: This mod also features text replacement. It's very nice to be able to include it, but the issue is that it replaces a file that is usually changed when CS:GO is updated - and CS:GO is updated very often. As such, it is not in the 'csgo' mod folder by default as it may break text in the game if you copy it haphazardly. I will do my best to update this mod with the newest version of the text file, and the text file is not always updated every time CS:GO gets an update, but since I cannot promise it, you will have to install it on your own and risk some text being broken in the future. I made this text mod on Sept. 13 2013, so any CS:GO updates after that may have changed the file. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make a backup of 'csgo_english.txt' inside your csgo/resource folder before replacing it. This mod will not affect the ingame text if you play CS:GO in any language that isn't English. It's not as bad as it sounds, but I figured I should warn you.

NOTE #3: Another thing about CS:GO updating is that pak01_dir.vpk gets replaced after almost every single update. That means if CS:GO is updated, you're going to have to open Notepad++ again and replace all instances of 'hostage' with 'sausage'. You'll know if CS:GO was updated if you start the game and see hostages instead of duffle bags. NOTE #4: Apologies for such a convoluted setup! It would be so much easier if CS:GO used VPKs. Oh well.


Due to CS:GO's unfortunate lack of VPK mods, you're going to have to do this the long way.

  1. Download Notepad++ (it is free and will be needed, Default Windows Notepad will not work. Notepad++ v.6.4.5 download link)

  2. Go to your "Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo" folder. There should be a file called 'pak01_dir.vpk'. Make a copy of this in case you break something, and keep it somewhere safe or rename it!

  3. Open 'pak01_dir.vpk' with Notepad++, NOT the pak01_dir that you just made a backup of and renamed.

  4. Press Ctrl + F. Go to the 'Replace' tab. In the 'Find what' box, enter "hostage" without the quotes. In the 'Replace with' box, enter "sausage" without the quotes. (This can be anything AS LONG AS IT HAS THE SAME NUMBER OF CHARACTERS AS THE WORD 'HOSTAGE'. But I prefer sausage and I am sure you all do as well.)

  5. Press the 'Replace All' button. It should say 639 occurances were replaced. Press Ctrl + S to save the file and close Notepad++.

  6. Copy the 'csgo' folder in this download to your "Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive" folder. Click yes if you get a box asking if you are okay with overwriting. Do the same with the text replacement if you've read note #2.

  7. Launch CS:GO and play an offline game with bots to make sure it all works, and enjoy!


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