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Asuka (Evangelion) -- Yellow Dress
Добавил: The DSystem
2015-12-30 02:20:32
24 просмотра
  • Asuka (Evangelion) -- Yellow Dress Skin screenshot
  • Asuka (Evangelion) -- Yellow Dress Skin screenshot
  • Asuka (Evangelion) -- Yellow Dress Skin screenshot

Asuka Yellow Dress This is Asuka in her yellow dress from NGE. Evangelion fans will remember that she makes her first appearance in the show wearing this outfit.

This is a port of a low-poly model from a Japanese game from 2003, but I did make some enhancements to the mesh so that her joints would work better. The only wonky joint is her left wrist, but I think I did a good job hiding its defects.

I re-mapped lots of the attachment points to suit this model better. The knife and pistol attaches are on her legs for example under her skirt, so is the elite holster. I moved the SMG attachment to her back because w/o a heavy kevlar vest the front smg attachment didn't look right.

Like all of my female player models, Asuka is the same size as an average CS:GO player model, even though she's supposed to be an anime girl. I had to do this because otherwise she would glitch and stuff. Her hitboxes have had some slight alterations to fit her better. This way if you shoot her in the face you will get a headshot for sure, as it should work.

Unlike my other models, Asuka will NOT flop around on the floor like the girl from The Exorcist when you kill her. She will just die normally. Also, I've not seen any console errors thrown by her. This is good stuff.


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