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FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-10 21:38:40
11 просмотров
  • FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2 Skin screenshot
  • FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2 Skin screenshot
  • FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2 Skin screenshot
  • FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2 Skin screenshot
  • FN C1A1 (Canadian) v1.2 Skin screenshot

V1.2 This skin is an attempt to simulate the Canadian variant of the commonwealth inch-pattern FN-FALs. Canada was the first country to adopt and mass produce FNs, and used them from the 50's to the late '80s. Most who carried them (including myself) look back fondly on this rugged, reliable and powerful battle rifle.

I take no credit for the model, animations or base textures of this weapon. All of the credit for this work must go to Pete, Millenia and Jake for their amazing work on the L1A1.

My only contribution comes from tweaking the textures slightly to match the Canadian version of the rifle, including the carrying handle, area around the gas block, the rotating rear sights, and slightly changing the hue and darkness of the wood to match the weapon I used in the '80s.

There are still some slight variances from the actual C1A1 - The body cover is the L1A1 style without the Canadian stripper clip, the rear sight is the solid aperture used on the L1A1, though I textured it to look like the Canadian rotating apperture sight. Apart from that, I think its pretty darn close. The actual C1A1s are only semi-auto of course, but it was always dead easy to swap out the parts from a full auto FN C2 LAR, so just imagine thats what we have here.

Overall I made this for my own use, and find that the sound, general feel, recoil, and ROF match pretty closely to what I remember of my years carrying this. I only decided to upload it on the off chance that there may be a few old CF grunts out there keen to take a trip down memory lane.

Model and UVMaps by Pete Skin by Millenia (with some slight mods by gurachn) Animations by Spork, Sounds by iFlip, The Noid and Vunsunta Animation Edits, Compiles and Sound Edits by modderfreak

---V1.2 Changelog---

This version features some slight cleanup to the textures and some changes to the rear sight to make the L1A1 assembly closer to the C1A1 version. I smoothed out the knurling on the body release catch, and more importantly swapped in new animations by Spork.

These animations give slightly more realistic origins, feature left handed mag change (right should always stay on the pistol grip) and don't have have a moving cocking handle (unlike the AK the cocking handle is not attached directly to the bolt and doesn't reciprocate when firing).

Overall, I think this is a getting close to a pretty decent simulation of the C1A1 FN.


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