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Добавил: The DSystem
2015-12-30 01:10:24
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  • Face-Hugger Skin screenshot
  • Face-Hugger Skin screenshot
  • Face-Hugger Skin screenshot
  • Face-Hugger Skin screenshot

Face-Hugger (Snark replacement)

I thought it was about time that the snarks were replaced, Face-Huggers from the "Alien" movies being the perfect replacements. I've tried to animate the models as best I could but trying to animate 8 legs and a tail with Milkshape is not the easiest thing to do! I tried to keep the poly count as low as I could get, but I had to make the "W_sqeak" model 189 polys so I could make 8 legs and a tail that could be animated. The model work's best when used with Scarecrow's M41-A Pulse Rifle and Steve Gehrke's Colonial Marine. Hope ya like it, It may cause more people to use the snarks........

-author: Mark "Marquis" Haly

-e-mail: m.haly@cwcom.net

-homepage: http://www.hlskins.free-online.co.uk/

-release date: 15-09-2000

-included files:

-v_squeak.mdl (587 polys) \ -p_squeak.mdl (97 polys) \ -w_squeak.mdl (189 polys) > Put these Model files in Half-Life\valve\models -w_squeakT.mdl / -w_sqknest.mdl (94 polys) / -w_squeakT.mdl /

-sqk_blast1.wav \ -sqk_deploy1.wav \
-sqk_die1.wav > Put these sound files in Half-Life\valve\Sound\squeek -sqk_hunt1.wav / -sqk_hunt2.wav / -sqk_hunt3.wav /

-320hud1.spr \ -320hud2.spr \ -640hud1.spr > Put these sprite files in Half-Life\valve\sprites -640hud3.spr / -640hud6.spr / -640hud7.spr /

-programs used:

-Milkshape 3D by Mete Ciragan of chUmbaLum sOft (http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/) -Paint Shop Pro 6.1 -Sprite Wizard 1.1 from Wavelength (http://www.planethalflife.com/wavelength/)

-Contruction time: about 3 weeks

Special thanks to Tim "undeadroadkill" Bernett for help with the sound files.


If you wish to use this model in a MOD, please contact me first! You are NOT authorized to put these files an on any CD for commercial purposes or distribute it in any way without my permission.



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