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Soldier11's M16A4 Animations
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 13:28:04
12 просмотров
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot
  • Soldier11's M16A4 Animations Skin screenshot

This is, again, an older set of mine. It was done back in January, 2011 and finished right now. As I like this animation a lot I've decided to eventually wanna share it. It's another skin for the FAMAS slot because it makes most sense for it - hate me or not for this decision. Some FAMAS slot diversity can't be a bad thing.

The model is a combo of Twinke's older and most recent AR-15 parts. Thanez' foregrip and stock textures are a perfect match if you ask me! I should be first one to present that hackz.

Thanks to Max(R) for the awesome preview video.

  Twinke Masta

  Twinke Masta
  Soldier11 (Texture Edits, Shaders)




  • Twinke's highly detailed model wrapped into a new optic
  • one of my best AR-15 animations to this date
  • handpainted normal maps and shaders for greater optics

Online compatibility should be given, but I haven't tested it myself. Please report if it works or not.

Please note that there are bugs with the 3p animation of the world model. This is due to the different gun design (bullpub vs. usual). It could be fixed by messing with scripts and adding another animation. I didn't want to make use of a converted .ctx script file in this case as it might cause further issues during online gaming.

So, I think this is a great overall package that looks fantastic in CS:S. It's lots of fun to play with this skin.

If you find any bugs or glitches, please notify me immediately!

I'm making use of the .vpk file mounting system. If you didn't use it yet, it's about time! I totally dig the new way of distributing custom content. Just follow the installation instructions and you're right to go.

If you need further help and information on .vpk files follow my tutorial.


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