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Ice HE-Grenade
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 09:22:13
7 просмотров
  • Ice HE-Grenade Skin screenshot
  • Ice HE-Grenade Skin screenshot
  • Ice HE-Grenade Skin screenshot
  • Ice HE-Grenade Skin screenshot

So...yeah, I got bored.

I did make a couple of other "ice" reskins, but this one has a bit more to it. Instead of simply reskinning the texture for this model, I decided to give it some custom sounds to accommodate the theme. The grenade sounds like a glassy kind of ice object when it bounces off the ground. The explosion is a light blue/cyan color now, to look more like a plume of super-cooled air, but you could argue it needs more white to it. Just download the black & white explosion reskin that was released here ages ago, that should do perfectly.


If you have had any previous grenade reskins which used custom models, DELETE THEM! This skin is only a recolor of the default model, and therefore requires that you remove any custom grenade models you previously installed in your CSS files. If you don't, it simply will not work.

THIS RESKIN REQUIRES HDR IN ORDER TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. The skin is a refract shader, and will only appear translucent and wet like ice does in HDR. If you are playing in an LDR map (basic lighting), then the skin will appear opaque and kind of shiny. The sounds of course will still work regardless... If the map you are playing in is fullbright, then the skin will look really shitty and bright white, which I CANNOT AVOID!

You will not be able to see any grenades that are underwater if you are looking down from above water. This is another unavoidable problem I cannot fix. For some reason, Source won't let a refracting shader render behind another refracting shader. Since water USES a refracting shader, that means this skin WILL NOT render underwater unless you are also underwater.

Don't complain to me, saying it's not working all the time like it does in the screenshots. It depends on the map you are at and how good your computer is. If your card isn't DX9, don't even bother using this skin, it just won't look good. If you always play at really ugly-ass maps that have terrible lighting, forget it. The skin will look crappy in crappy maps and will look good in good maps. I've said all I need to say, now enjoy.

Update: For those of you who dislike the world model being icy and tough to spot, go to this directory:

"C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Steam Username/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/materials/models/weapons/w_models"

And delete the folder called "w_eq_hegrenade."


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