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Drown's Undead Rising
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-05 15:54:55
6 просмотров
  • Drown's Undead Rising Skin screenshot
  • Drown's Undead Rising Skin screenshot
  • Drown's Undead Rising Skin screenshot
  • Drown's Undead Rising Skin screenshot
  • Drown's Undead Rising Skin screenshot

Cheers Patient Zero

you still remember your first taste of human blood? The day your skin turned from vivid to dead grey? If not, this release might help you to bring all these beautiful memories back to your undead mind.

This basically is a remade version of my Putrid Flesh Release, this time aiming at a more zombie-ish look. I have added more detail, the gloves themselves are completely remade, there is not as much blood in this as there was before. But since this is a complete different skin after reworking it, I stepped back from the idea making it v2 but a completly new release. Hope you enjoy it! It features a view back the days everything was fine and healthy and zombies were only present in video games. But then things started to change, and you are the first guy to be infected.

I even tried myself at rendering, tell me if you like the result.

This release features:

-two sets of gloves with 2 variations per set:

Vivid & Healthy

-Pre-Infection Tattooed 
-Pre-Infection Untattooed

Ash Pale & Dead

-Post-Infection Tattooed
-Post-Infection Untattooed

-High Resoulution

-Normal Maps

-completly new flair


-Put the cstrike folder of the variation you want from the download into your counter-strike source folder and overwerite files if necessary!


You may not rerelease this skin wihtout permission. You can use it for your (zombie) maps or mods IF you ask me before. The Joker tattoo isnt created by me, it is from the website of a tattoo studio.


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