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US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-18 05:01:43
8 просмотров
  • US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0 Skin screenshot
  • US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0 Skin screenshot
  • US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0 Skin screenshot
  • US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0 Skin screenshot
  • US NAVY Diving Units Gloves v1.0 Skin screenshot

If you're reading these notes, it means you liked the gloves' render enough to enter for more info - That's good, and I believe that you won't be dissapointed when you'll put my creation into your CS:S game.

So, lately I've been searching for some nice looking and pretty unique camo gloves for my CS:S game, I have seen a lot of pretty hot desert camo gloves, but hey, this "a lot of it", makes them not that unique anymore. I said "no, no desert camo gloves, let's find some other type camouflage stuff", and then some idea came to my mind - "maybe some US Navy gloves?! that sounds promising, and very unique too!". I didn't find any gloves related to US Navy, so I decided to make them by myself.

If I made it, and it looks pretty cool I think, why can't I release it for you all? That's my second attempt on gloves editing, so please consider that before flaming me for some mistakes, or something like that.

The package contains 2 versions of my gloves - Full fingered, and half fingered.

Hi-res version might come later, can't promise tho.

Let me also post some two links to just great tutorials that helped me a lot in making what Im releasing out here:


div><a href="/go/1038.lnk" target=_blank">Normal Mapping the Complete Guide Difficulty: Beginner

Phong + Normalmap Tutorial w/ Links Difficulty: Advanced

Well, what more can I say.. maybe just - ENJOY!

Oh, and Im really conscious that my gloves aren't same as the ones used in the "real" US Navy Diving Forces, so please don't complain about it. I just had some flow of creativity, didn't want to hurt anybody.


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